Mammograms are usually not the most enjoyable things on a woman’s health care to-do list, ranking alongside colonoscopies and Pap smears. However, they are an essential preventive measure for protecting your health. Even with advanced technologies like MRIs and nuclear scan tests, mammograms are still the most accurate test to determine the presence of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, breast augmentation patients may find breast cancer screening is more challenging. The presence of implants may require additional images taken during a mammogram. However, these tests are the best way to detect implant ruptures or early-stage breast cancer.

Obstructed Vision

Did you know mammograms reveal changes in your breasts for up to two years before your doctor or you would notice them? If you’ve had breast enhancement surgery, your implants may complicate the process slightly. As happy as your new and improved breast contours may make you, the implants can prevent the mammogram tech from getting a clear picture.

Silicone implants appear as a solid mass on X-rays, blocking the machine’s ability to see past them. That means some breast tissue is not visible, making it harder for your radiologist to find any abnormalities that may exist. The obstruction becomes more challenging if you chose to have your surgeon place the implants in front of your chest muscles.

Saline implants also provide partially obstructed images, but not to the same degree as implants with a silicone core.

Working Around the Issue

Fortunately, there is a process to get around any interference your implants may cause – a mammogram method known as an implant displacement view. This technique involves pushing the implants back against the chest wall, then pulling the breast tissue from behind the muscle before taking the image.

An implant displacement view maximizes the amount of tissue transparent to the X-ray, thereby increasing your radiologist’s chances of detecting any abnormalities that exist.

Speak Up

An implant displacement view may make a difference in ensuring your mammogram is effective. But your radiologist needs to understand what they’re looking at before they perform the test. And the only way for them to know before going into the appointment is for you to tell them yourself.

Every time you schedule a mammogram, you should let the clinic know you have breast implants. Then, request a tech who has experience performing mammograms on women with breast implants. If they don’t have anyone, go elsewhere.

If they do, remind them about your situation when you arrive for your appointment. Then, bring up the fact that you have implants with the mammogram technician. To expedite the process, you can ask your gynecologist to refer you to a clinic with radiologists who have ample experience screening women with implants.

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Feeling confident about your breasts is an integral part of enjoying your overall appearance. Whatever your reasons are for pursuing breast augmentation and wanting to get the most out of your results, know that they are valid. But how do you get the most out of your breast augmentation procedure?

This article explains breast augmentation and some of the best ways to enhance your results.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure done to alter the size and shape of breasts using breast saline or silicone implants.

Common benefits of breast augmentation are as follows:

  • Adds shape and volume to the breasts
  • Improves symmetry for uneven breasts
  • Enhances one’s self-confidence
  • Restore confidence in one’s appearance.

How Do Breast Augmentations Work?

The width of the breast, respective implant diameter, and other factors will influence your results; therefore, having a conversation with your plastic surgeon about sizing is critical to determine the right breast implant options for you. In your consultation, you will make choices that consider your goals and how they influence which type and size of implant you select as well as surgical techniques for the procedure.

You will be put under anesthesia based on your plastic surgeon’s recommendations. They will make an incision for the implant placement; the incision will be a cut in the inframammary, axillary, or periareolar area. Your breast tissue will then be separated from connective chest tissue. Your implants will be placed in this pocket and fastened behind the nipple. Implants are positioned either above or below the chest muscle, depending on your aesthetic goals. Once secured, stitches close the incision.

Who Are Ideal Candidates for Breast Augmentation?

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation are individuals with healthy tissue quality and the proper anatomy to undergo surgery. They should also have a healthy outlook on the procedure and understand the risks. When you have your consultation, your surgeon will suggest the correct plan in relation to your body type.

What Can You Expect Following the Procedure?

You may experience swelling and soreness for two to three weeks following the procedure. Some bruising is also common. Your scars will fade over time. To help with healing, wear compression bandages for support. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe some pain medication to assist with recovery. Avoid strenuous activities for two weeks.

How Can You Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results?

To maintain your results, wear bras that support your breasts. Avoid push-up bras that change breast positioning. Sleep on your back and keep up with a healthy diet and lifestyle. In some cases, breast augmentation and a breast lift are both needed, so ask about combining procedures. Your doctor may recommend that you avoid certain activities and wear a surgical bra to reduce swelling.

Above all, partnering with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. David Dreyfuss is the best way to enhance your results. Dr. Dreyfuss will be able to help you plan your procedure and recovery phase to make the experience enjoyable, effective, and positively life changing.

Enjoy Your Life with Enhanced Breast Augmentation

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One thing all mothers have in common is that pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding change their body dramatically. For some, a healthy diet and working out regularly can help restore your pre-baby body. For others, more dramatic changes are necessary to eliminate stubborn fat deposits and excess skin. A mommy makeover combines multiple cosmetic surgeries to help a mother regain the youthful figure she once enjoyed.

What Does a Mommy Makeover Correct?

A mommy makeover can address various aesthetic concerns. Dr. Dreyfuss will discuss goals and desired results with you during a consultation. With your input in mind, he will structure a surgical plan to match your cosmetic needs and desired goals. Procedures may include:

Most women want to improve their breasts, abdomen, and buttocks. Combining cosmetic procedures can help mothers correct multiple problem areas at once. From his full suite of body contouring procedures, Dr. Dreyfuss can improve your body outline by performing two or more aesthetic surgeries at once.

Best Candidates

Optimal candidates for a mommy makeover share the following characteristics.

In Good Health

As with any operation, mommy makeover candidates should be in good overall health. The body must be capable of healing properly to successfully recover after surgery. If you have any existing conditions or medical concerns, let Dr. Dreyfuss know. From there, he can determine if a mommy makeover is right for you.

At Optimal Body Weight

The best candidates for a mommy makeover are close to their healthy weight. Being over- or under-weight may compromise the outcome if you lose or gain weight after surgery. You should be aware that a mommy makeover is not a weight-loss treatment. It’s a contouring procedure designed to remove stubborn fat pads and excess skin.

Have Time to Recover

Depending on which procedures are part of your mommy makeover, you will need time to heal. You should plan at least two weeks off from your regular schedule to rest and recover. If you include a tummy tuck with the procedure, expect a longer recovery, about a month to six weeks.

No Future Pregnancies

Before investing in enhancing your figure with a mommy makeover, you should wait until you are no longer planning to have children. Any future pregnancies can negatively impact your results.


We all know smoking can be hazardous to your health. After all, that’s why there’s a surgeon’s general warning on every pack. Smoking impedes circulation, making incisions less likely to heal and close properly. It also increases the likelihood of infection and weakens the immune system.

If you smoke, quit. If you can’t quit for good, stop smoking for at least two weeks before and two weeks after surgery.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

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While many women opt to have breast augmentation surgery in their twenties, thirties, or forties, there is no age restriction as to when to have this transformative enhancement. We see a trend of more mature women seeking breast implant surgery to enhance their figure and improve their lives. 

Older women may have different objectives for this operation than their younger counterparts. Here are some special considerations for breast augmentation in older patients.

Your Goals 

To determine if breast augmentation is right for you, you should first consider your goals. Are you trying to look younger, sculpt your body, or boost your self-esteem? Breast implants are designed to increase firmness and shape, along with size.  

If you are happy with the current size of your breasts but concerned about sagging, you may need a standalone breast lift instead of implants. When size, firmness, and elevation are problems, then a breast lift with implants can have a significant impact on your breast appearance and self-confidence. 

Unfortunately, some women need plastic and reconstruction surgery because of a mastectomy due to breast cancer. This requires special attention that only a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon can provide.

Size & Shape

The size and projection of your implants play a key role in how they affect your appearance and daily life. It’s important that you get this decision right to avoid the need for revision surgery or complications such as neck and back pain. 

Breast weight is supported by the back and the neck. If there is too much weight in your chest area, you could be facing pain in your back, shoulders, or neck down the road. Also, if you are an active person or regularly participate in activities such as golf, running, or some other sports, large implants can impede your performance and enjoyment.

Potential Concerns

It is important that you are in good general health before undergoing breast surgery. During your consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Dreyfuss will discuss your preexisting health conditions and any concerns you have.

Also, your skin health must be taken into consideration, as this is of vital importance to determine how well your tissue can support the implants. Healthy, supple skin is crucial for long-lasting results. Aging, skin does not heal as well as younger skin, which may make the risk of looseness or scarring more prominent. Dr. Dreyfuss discusses these subjects in detail during your consultation. 

It is important that you get regular mammograms.  While most implants do not interfere with mammograms, you should tell your radiologist that you have implants so he or she can make the proper preparations for useful imaging. 

No matter your age, if you are considering breast augmentation, you should have all the information available to ensure it’s the best path for you to take. Most patients do quite a bit of research about the procedure, the surgeon, and the expected outcomes. Realistic expectations are necessary for you to be happy with your results. There are many factors that should be considered to make the best decisions and give you optimal results to best enhance your life, and Dr. Dreyfuss can help to guide you through every step of the process. 

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Breast augmentation is still one of the more popular cosmetic surgeries performed today with hundreds of thousands of women in the United States receiving implants annually. As implants’ material and technology improving, demand for the procedure is predicted to stay strong. 

Building upon breast implant procedures 50 years in the making, medical manufacturers have been developing extraordinary technology that lowers risk and avoids complications while delivering more options with better outcomes. 

More Implant Options

When breast implant surgeries began in the 1960s, the only real choice for breast implants was to increase size. Silicone implants were not available; smooth saline implants were the only game in town. In 2006, silicone implants gained FDA approval, which triggered a flurry of research and development, resulting in significant advancements. 

Anatomically contoured “gummy bear” implants are the newest implant type. Distinguished by its more cohesive silicone gel, these implants do not leak when their shell is ruptured. Many plastic surgeons and patients alike believe these produce better outcomes when compared to traditional silicone implants with a fill that’s more liquid. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, gummy bear implants accommodate any body type. 

Advanced Surgical Techniques

The increased efficiency of today’s breast augmentation operations means less downtime and more comfortable recovery. In years past, surgeons would create a pocket to insert the implant using techniques which could cause damage to breast muscle and tissue. Currently, techniques are more precise, resulting in less postoperative pain, less bleeding, and shorter recovery. With the inception of the Keller Funnel, an FDA-approve device which allows for a “no-touch” technique with shorter incisions, recovery is easier and shorter for the patient. 

3-D Previews

Advanced technology also offers 3-D imaging, which gives the patient a preview of her results. This step has increased patient satisfaction with their outcomes. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Dreyfuss relies on this advanced tool to help his patients visualize what the procedure can do for them. It is significantly better than the previous attempts at predicting outcomes like using a stuffed nylon stocking or placing implants under the bra. In addition to the inclusion of all shapes, sizes, and manufacturers, the 3-D preview system can display differences in the symmetry and volume between a patient’s current breasts and those they will get surgically. 

A Better Understand of Complications

Researchers are cracking the risks related to breast augmentation surgery, specifically capsular contracture. This complication occurs when scar tissue hardens around the implants, causing discomfort and sometimes displacement. Although surgeons are not sure what causes this problem, researchers have made significant advances in identifying several factors that may be linked with capsular contracture. They include:

  • Submuscular vs. subglandular placement: Evidence reveals breast implant placement under the pectoral muscles develops less capsular contracture than implants placed above the muscle. 
  • Oversized implants: Research reveals that implants which aren’t proportionate to a patient’s body are more likely to develop extensive scar tissue. 
  • Smoking: Doctors today are now able to warn their smoking patients of the risks they’re more likely to encounter, including capsular contracture. With more people stopping smoking, better surgical outcomes have followed. 
  • Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon: The beginning of breast implant surgery saw family physicians and other unspecialized health practitioners trying their hands at breast augmentation surgery. Today’s standards and rules help keep the complex surgeries in the trained plastic surgeon’s offices. Plastic surgeons often undergo 14 years of schooling and training (residencies) before opening their own practices. To stay sharp and aware of the most current procedures, surgeons must undergo continuing education to keep their board-certification. 


Strict rules have also lead to surgeons operating only in fully accredited facilities that insist on strict infection protocols. 

As the advances in breast augmentation materials and techniques continue, so does the popularity of the procedure. If you’re interested in breast augmentation, a breast lift or reduction, do not hesitate to call the offices of Dr. David Dreyfuss at 815-806-9400. You can also schedule our consultation and ask your questions via our online form. We’ll make sure to get back to you quickly!

With so many women choosing breast augmentation to enhance their figure and improve breast appearance, medical technology continues to advance the surgery to make the procedure safer with best results. However, an area of concern for many patients is the recovery. Women considering the operation ask us questions ranging from time off from work to when they can return to the gym. Another popular topic they want to discuss is their sleep position.

Back, Side, or Tummy?

Proper healing after surgery requires plenty of rest. Interrupted sleep through the night can be frustrating and possibly unhealthy. It is vital to get enough sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is critical to sleep uninterrupted after surgery. For women who are most comfortable sleeping on their belly, this may prove challenging following breast augmentation. Although you can relax on your tummy right after breast surgery, there are several reasons why this may not work out. These include:

  • Most likely, it will be uncomfortable or possibly painful. Sleeping on your stomach will put too much pressure on your breasts right after surgery.
  • There’s a slight chance your implants may not have adequately settled and you sleeping on them too soon may prevent them from falling in place correctly.

Although Dr. Dreyfuss recommends sleeping on your back for the first few weeks after surgery, don’t get too concerned if you turn to your side or tummy during the night. Lying on your stomach for a few hours shouldn’t cause any significant problem. But, if it hurts to sleep on your side or tummy, get back (sorry for being redundant) on your back.

Sleeping on Your Tummy

Some women find it comfortable to sleep on their stomach after having the surgery, but others may find the complete opposite. Some patients return to snoozing belly down with their heads buried in the pillows, while others settle into sleeping on their side or back after healing is complete. Whichever way is fine. Once the incisions are healed, and the implants settle, there is no risk with whatever position you choose.

Keep in mind your surgeon knows what’s best for you. So, any specific instructions he may give you, follow because recovery varies from patient to patient. The best rules to follow involve listening to your surgeon and your body!

Sleeping Tips

Surgeons recommend you sleep on your back for as long as possible. You may use pillows to elevate your back to support the weight of your implants. When it’s comfortable, you can graduate to your side. What’s important is to get your body as comfortable as possible to get the sleep you need.

Although there are no rules engraved in stone to follow concerning your sleep position after breast surgery, we offer these tips; you may find them helpful in getting a good night sleep.

  • Don’t sleep on your stomach for the first few weeks.
  • Use a pillow wedged under your side to keep you in place.
  • Sleep at an elevated angle, half sitting up. This position relieves pressure from the incision. Find a wedge pillow made for this specifically.
  • Wear a compression bra to help reduce pressure on the incision.
  • If you experience any abnormal pain, contact your doctor immediately.

Remember, the healing process requires sleep. These tips should help you get the proper rest you need to recover fully.

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Breast augmentations are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the US. This procedure is so popular because it is safe, effective and customizable to the individual. There are many choices to consider when thinking about breast augmentation and we have broken down the most important ones for you below! If you would like to get more details about this procedure, schedule a consultation or contact us here!

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are a lot of decisions you need to make beyond size, including:

  • Material: Silicone or Saline
  • Shape: Round or Teardrop
  • Placement: Under or Above Muscle
  • Incision: Under the Breast or Around the Nipple
  • Surgeon: Should always be Board-Certified & Experienced

A big decision in planning for breast enhancement surgery is to choose between silicone or saline breast implants. There are benefits to both, and you should decide on the implant which will work best for you. The purpose of this information provided is to help you choose the best implant design for your unique lifestyle and body.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants consist of a silicone shell which is inserted empty then inflated with a saline solution after proper placement. The position can be either above or below the pectoralis muscle. Saline is a salt water solution which is similar to a natural fluid found in the body.

The surface of the saline implant is either textured or smooth with the implant itself varying in shape, profile, shell thickness, and volume. One advantage of the saline implant is the amount of fluid can be calibrated easily to ensure the best volume and firmness possible after placement.

Advantages of Saline Implants

  • Ability to increase or decrease volume after placement
  • Silicone shell filled with a salt-water solution which is very close a natural body fluid found in your body
  • Ruptures are easier to detect
  • Smaller incision required than with silicone
  • Cost is less than Silicone Implants

Disadvantages of Saline Implants

  • Rippling is more common than with Silicone implants
  • Firmer feel than natural breast
  • Does not have the natural look or feel of a Silicone implant


Most patients who choose saline implants do so because they believe it is safer, in the rare event of a rupture, because of the harmless saline solution and their ability to provide early detection. The main drawback, however, is they lack the natural feel and look of normal breasts. Also, for patients with little breast tissue, rippling is a concern.

The FDA recommends patients be 18 years or older for Saline Implants.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone implants consist of a durable silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel which has the feel of natural breast tissue. These implants are available in round and anatomic (teardrop) shape with textured or smooth surfaces. Most silicone implants are not adjustable, so, the incision used to insert the breast implant is larger than what is necessary for saline implants. Unlike saline implants, the size is permanent and not adjustable.

Some surgeons recommend silicone implants for women with little breast tissue to hide the implant. If the patient has enough breast tissue to cover the implant, the outcome will be comparable with saline or silicone implants. When the patient has little body fat and a small amount of breast tissue, the silicone implants can provide a more natural result. A recommendation will come during a breast augmentation consultation.

Silicone Breast Implant advantages:

  • Suitable for any body type
  • Less chance of rippling
  • Will not leak if ruptured
  • Predictable outcome with a set volume amount
  • Patients with little breast tissue can still have a natural breast feel and appearance
  • Feels much like the natural breast
  • A skilled surgeon can place breast implant with Areolar (nipple incision), inframammary (under the breast fold) or trans-axillary (under the armpit)


  • Rupture hard to detect without MRI
  • Larger incisions necessary
  • Higher cost
  • Larger implant may eliminate some incision techniques


Many patients choose silicone because it has a more natural feel and look than its saline alternative. MRIs are recommended three years after surgery and every two years afterward to find any possible leaks or ruptures.

The FDA recommends patients should be 22 years or older for Silicone Implants.

Silicone Versus Saline Implants

A major concern with many breast augmentation patients is the risk of rupture. An advantage the saline implant has is it will deflate immediately making the rupture obvious to the patient. Also, with the saline solution very close to a natural body fluid, there is no issue other than aesthetic.

Implants may rupture because of capsular contracture or physical trauma. Capsular contracture is a response of the body’s immune system to foreign objects like breast implants. Because silicone implants are filled with a gel type filling, it is harder to determine when or if a rupture occurs. Therefore, we recommend a periodic MRI to make sure everything is OK with the silicone implant.

Making the Decision

There is a lot to process when deciding on the optimal breast implant for your surgery. The right choice is available when you consider your body type, desired outcome, and who will perform the surgery. At Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery, we take the time to listen to what you want and hear all your concerns. Dr. Dreyfuss will provide his professional recommendation based on his training and vast experience with breast surgery.

To learn more about choosing the right breast implant, contact us to schedule a breast augmentation consultation.

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Okay, we know an Arctic blast is affecting much of the Midwest this winter. We understand the last thing women are thinking about now is slipping on their bathing suit or into their favorite summer dress. But we also understand a girl must prepare to look her best when the attire is more revealing. That’s why it’s not too early for you to start preparing for your summer body.

And a great way to do just that is to consider enhancing your breasts. If you have been unsatisfied with your breast appearance due to weight fluctuation, childbearing, or genetics, breast augmentation surgery can be the solution to your problem. With today’s technology, technique, and products, having the breasts you dreamed about is possible with minimal risk and great results.

Advanced Technology

Since 1964, silicone breast implants have come a long way. Today, advanced technology, safer implants, and innovative tools enable Dr. Dreyfuss to offer more natural-looking outcomes, while reducing complications, risks, and recovery time.

Although the implants of yesteryear had made many women pause when considering breast augmentation, those days are long gone. With the advent of the gummy bear implant (silicone implants which hold their shape) and other advancements, women have a more favorable opportunity than their mothers and grandmothers. The rare risk of leakage and a natural feel has attracted many patients to move forward with the procedure.

Additionally, advanced surgical technique and optimal incision placement have reduced many of the complications such as capsular contraction and scarring.

Technology advances include:

  • Ultrasound:  An MRI used to be the most common procedure to determine the breast’s health and proper implant type. However, today, an ultrasound is a less costly and less-invasive alternative which can help Dr. Dreyfuss examine the breast tissue surrounding the implant for quicker results.
  • Incision Technology: Improved technology and technique have greatly reduced the risk of scarring and improved the sensation in the breast tissue and nipple. Additionally, advanced therapeutic techniques make wound healing faster and reduce the visibility of scars.
  • Improved Tools: Modern technology provides several advanced tools which aid Dr. Dreyfuss in breast implant placement. For example, the Keller Funnel enables breast implant placement without Dr. Dreyfuss having to touch them. This tool allows for smaller incisions, less bruising and swelling, and reduced risk of infection.

Planning Your Summer Body

It’s important for women desiring breast enhancement to have a plan. Here are some important things to consider before having breast surgery:

Allow Adequate Time for Surgery and Recovery

Candidates must understand it may take weeks to recover from a surgical procedure like breast augmentation — plus more time for the results to look great and stabilize. To guarantee you are summer wear ready, give yourself time to recover from the procedure.

Hide Bruising, Swelling, and Incisions

Cold temperatures are perfect for recovery. It gives the patient an excuse to wear layers like jackets, sweaters, and overcoats. These added layers will help camouflage swelling, support garments, bandages, and healing incisions. Winter allows your body a period to fly under the radar while recovering.

Hibernate with No Guilt

Outdoor activities are not as frequent here in the Chicago area during the winter months. This break will allow you to avoid public outings while you heal. It will also allow you to avoid sun exposure which is not good for incision healing. It’s a great time to hibernate without much notice.

Also, with all the holiday festivities done and dusted for the year, the upcoming months are a great time to book surgery.

Benefits of breast augmentation surgery:

  • Aesthetic Benefits: Breast augmentation improves the feminine figure by reshaping your bust line, enhancing your breast size, and improving your body shape and contour. It enhances your body’s profile and defines curves leading to a more sensual presence. A perky and firm bust will enhance your summer wardrobe to be more striking and expressive.


  • Physical benefits: Breast Augmentation will also provide breasts which are more consistent with your body type. Optimal size and shape will allow for more symmetry and firmness which may diminish because of pregnancy, weight fluctuation, breastfeeding, or a mastectomy. It may also be more comfortable to have breasts which aptly fit your body.


  • Psychological benefits: Emotional improvement emerges because a younger and more feminine appearance will improve any woman’s confidence and self-esteem. This benefit will become abundantly clear during the warmer months when the improved body contour is evident in summer clothes and swimsuits.


  • Personal and social benefits: many studies have indicated a woman who has breast augmentation will experience improvement in their personal lives and relationships. Their social life will be better because they become more outgoing and confident. This benefit can affect their personal as well as professional relationships. Their social and professional opportunities will greatly improve.

Summarily, breast implant surgery is beneficial for every facet of a woman’s life.

 You May Need a Lift

A breast lift is a procedure which is designed to elevate breasts which droop or point downward. To determine if you need a breast lift simply look to see if your nipples are below your natural breast crease. A breast lift can be done concurrently with breast augmentation to improve breast firmness, size, shape, and elevation.

Book a Consultation

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It seems like there’s no time like your 20s to undergo breast surgery; you’re young, you’re in the best shape of your life, and you’ve got your entire life ahead of you—but not so fast. Even in your 20s, there are quite a few things you should think about before you jump headfirst into breast surgery. That’s why for the first installment of our series on breast surgery, we’re going to explore the top 5 things any woman in their 20s should know about breast augmentation.

You Need to Grow Up to Glow Up

U.S. laws dictate that patients be 18 and older to receive saline breast implants and 22 and older to receive silicone implants, but surgeons also recommend that women only undergo breast surgery once their breasts have fully matured.

It makes perfect sense that patients are required to be of a certain age before they can get breast surgery. Logistically speaking, it’s ill-advised to get any kind of breast surgery when a woman’s figure is still maturing. As the breast continues to mature, breast tissue grows in size and the breasts change shape, so undergoing any kind of breast surgery means your results will be affected.

So, when do women typically reach full maturation? That’s a question that’s a little harder to answer. Women all mature differently; some women have stopped maturing in their teens, while some women continue to see changes throughout their 20s.

There’s another important criterion that patients need to consider before undergoing breast surgery: their emotional maturity. Patients should be self-aware and conscious about their motivations for undergoing breast surgery. Are you doing it to correct a deformity? To feel more sexy and confident? Either way, patients need to have a healthy mental state and realistic expectations for what breast surgery can do for them before undergoing the procedure.

You Can Go Small

Who said breast surgery is all about enhancement? One of the most common kinds of breast surgery is breast reduction, a procedure that helps women achieve more reasonably-sized breasts. Overly-large breasts can actually cause a bevy of health problems for women: back pain, shoulder pain, rashes, numbness, shortness of breath, and even headaches. When women in their teens and twenties decide that they don’t want to live the rest of their life in discomfort, breast reduction is an effective and safe procedure. In fact, in 2016, over 36,148 breast reduction procedures were performed in the U.S.

A Lift Isn’t Out of the Question

Breast lifts are usually marketed to older women—mostly because it’s seen as a remedy to breasts affected by breastfeeding, motherhood, and aging. But really, adult women of any age can get a breast lift. In fact, one of the leading causes of sagging breasts are overly heavy breasts, and women as young as their teens can suffer from sagging breasts. Once again, women need do need to have matured fully physically before they can get a breast lift, but it’s crucial to know that the breast lift isn’t merely reserved for women that want powerful rejuvenation.

It’s Not All “Go Big or Go Home”

When millennials aren’t busy posting selfies on Instagram or being blamed for the state of economy, they’re apparently choosing to get smaller-sized breast implants: plastic surgeons everywhere have noted a trend where younger patients are choosing smaller implants than the Gen-Xers and Boomers before them. According to some surgeons, women in their 20s are increasingly requesting a more natural, subtle look, rather than the dramatic, larger implants of yesteryear. Women today are also more athletically and career-minded, so many patients in their 20s like the versatility that more modest implants allow in their life.

Make Sure It Fits Your Lifestyle

Forget about how it’ll look (although it’s crucial that you love the way you look after breast surgery)—one of the most important considerations of any kind of breast surgery is whether it’ll fit well with an active lifestyle. Larger implants will get in the way of any kind of strenuous activity, so many patients choose reasonably-sized implants to make sure they can move more freely and not get weighed down. That “Goldilocks”-sized implant will vary from patient to patient, but a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon can help you figure it out.

So, if you’re in your 20s and you’d love to keep being in the best shape of your life, consider getting relatively smaller implants that won’t get in the way of your yoga or pilates set.

You’ve got so much to look forward to in your 20s—and now, you can also have a figure you can be proud and confident in. The last thing you need to do before committing to breast surgery is to schedule your consultation with a true expert in breast surgery: Dr. Dreyfuss. Contact Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery now, for a consultation.