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At Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery, we want to give all patients the opportunity to live healthy, happy lives. After significant weight loss, if you are plagued with extra, unwanted skin, then post-bariatric surgery could be beneficial for you and your needs.

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Body Lift

The hard-earned weight-loss after bariatric reconstruction surgery can be painfully undermined by remaining sagging, hanging skin. This undesired, hanging skin can make it difficult to maintain hygiene, find clothing that fits properly, and can even make activities, such as sitting down or standing up, difficult.

At Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery in Orland Park, IL, we offer a body lift procedure. During a body lift, excessive skin, fat, and loose tissues are removed, and the entire trunk (abdomen, flanks, and back) are lifted. Often times, even the buttocks and thighs are lifted, too.

The ideal patients for the body lift procedure should be relatively healthy, suffer from no major, untreated diseases, and have realistic expectations for what a body lift can do for them. Further, individuals should be healthy, be non-smokers, and have good skin elasticity.

Following a body lift, individuals can expect to spend between one to two weeks recovering, during which your doctor can prescribe you medication to help assist with any pain or discomfort you may experience. Within four to six weeks, you will most likely be able to resume all normal activities.

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Buttock Lift

A drooping buttocks with poor skin tone after high-volume weight loss can now be treated. A buttock lift can help correct excess fat deposits, loose skin, and weak muscles to help patients achieve a firmer, tighter appearance. This procedure is often performed in combination with other procedures, such as liposuction, tummy tuck, and thigh lifts.

Any individual who is currently dissatisfied with the shape and/or appearance of their buttocks should consider a buttock lift. This surgical procedure can be customized to meet each patient’s specific wants and needs. Again, those who do decide to pursue a buttock lift should be completely healthy, and have realistic expectations following the surgery. After the surgery is complete, it will still be necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle with both diet and exercise.

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When performed by a trained and educated professional, a panniculectomy surgery can successfully remove the large “apron” or bulge of post-weight loss skin and fat from the middle and lower torso. This extensive procedure, unlike the tummy tuck, removes a drastic amount of excess skin around the hips and lower back.

Patients who are contemplating panniculectomy surgery should be in good health. Again, it is vital that individuals are not smokers, as this could have a negative effect on the surgery and the results of the surgery.  It is also recommended that patients have maintained their weight for at least six months before scheduling this surgery.

Following panniculectomy surgery, it is common to experience discomfort, bruising, and swelling. You will most likely have to wear a compression garment to help support the healing process. It may take up to three weeks before you can return to work and an additional couple of months before you can resume all normal activities.

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Thigh Lift

Loose, extra skin on the inner thigh can be an unwanted result from weight loss or simply a product of aging. Some patients do experience chronic irritation and infection around their thighs due to excess skin. A thigh lift can improve the overall appearance and feel of the thighs by strategically removing loose skin and fat.

Anyone who wants to achieve contoured thighs should consider thigh lift surgery. From contouring the thighs to reducing stretch marks, this procedure can offer a magnitude of benefits.

Before you schedule a thigh lift surgery, it is necessary to ensure you are mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. Further, you will need to have realistic expectations, as surgery will definitely help change the appearance of your thighs, but you may still have noticeable stretch marks and/ or other lines and creases in other areas.

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Arm Lift

Loose skin on the upper arm is most often related to aging and extreme weight loss. The brachioplasty procedure aims to reduce the circumference of the upper arm by eliminating sagging skin and restoring a toned appearance. An arm lift allows patients to feel more comfortable when wearing sleeveless clothing. In order to successfully re-contour the arms, it may be necessary to pursue procedures that include liposuction and the surgical removal of excess skin.

Arm lift surgery, which both men and women often pursue, offers a wide range of benefits, with the most popular being lack of scars. Because most individuals have different wants and needs following surgery, the procedure is customized to meet a patient’s specific goals. Most commonly, arm lift surgery is used to change the tone and shape of the arms.

As with all of the surgeries detailed above, it is important that patients don’t smoke or quit smoking before their post-bariatric surgery. Patients should also be close to their ideal weight and be relatively healthy. Following post-bariatric surgery, it will be important to maintain this lifestyle through exercise and dieting. However, before you can go back to working out, especially vigorously, you will need to properly heal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding post-bariatric surgery. At Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery, it is important that our patients feel completely informed and comfortable before scheduling post-bariatric surgery.

If you do not see your question, or still have concerns regarding any of the procedures, please contact our Orland Park, IL office today by calling 815-806-9400Our experienced and professional staff is ready to assist you.

The overall cost of post-bariatric surgery will depend on a variety of factors, including how many different procedures you want to schedule. During your initial consultation with your doctor, you will be able to discuss the price of each individual surgery, and the possible benefit of scheduling more than one surgery at a time. Before leaving, you will have a better understanding of the surgery cost, as well as payment options.

Pain is subjective, meaning it is near impossible to determine how each individual will feel after post-bariatric surgery. However, following surgery, it is common to experience some mild discomfort, which your doctor can prescribe pain medication to help counterbalance.

While you will most likely feel some sort of pain or discomfort after post-bariatric surgery, you can possibly decrease these chances by following the doctor’s instructions both pre- and post-surgery. During your consultation, you will be given a list of what you should and should not do after surgery.

Again, the recovery process will change depending on how many surgeries you have performed. The more surgeries you undergo, the longer your recovery will be. Generally, most patients return to work and normal activities within a few weeks after their post-bariatric surgery. Before you partake in anything too strenuous (such as a rigorous workout routine) it will be vital to get cleared by your doctor.

Yes, more than one surgery can be performed at a time. In fact, most patients do receive multiple surgeries at once. Combining procedures can often consolidate certain costs and the recovery period. When more than one surgery is performed at a time, the patient is only charged one fee for anesthesia and the facility. Further, it is generally easier for individuals to schedule just one recovery period instead of multiple.

As with any type of major surgery, there is always the possibility of risks and unforeseen complications. However, these risks and complications are less likely to happen when your post-bariatric surgery is performed by an educated and experienced doctor.


At Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery, our professional staff has one goal in mind: complete patient satisfaction. Below, you can conveniently see what other patients have had to say about our services.

“I was very pleased with the treatment Dr. Dreyfuss provided. The staff was very professional, cheerful, and efficient. I did not have to wait at all, and the procedure went very smoothly. The parking was very close by, and the office was easy to find.” – Satisfied Patient

“Dr. Dreyfuss is a wonderful doctor. I’ve had several procedures done under his care. Each and every encounter with him and his staff has been of kind, compassionate care. I will continue as a patient for future procedures, and would recommend him to all of my friends and family. I knew from the very first consult that I had made the right choice.” – Satisfied Patient

“I had breast augmentation done by Dr. Dreyfuss. He came as a recommendation from my primary doctor. He had great bedside manner, and his staff was very attentive to all of my pre- and post-opp questions and concerns. The price was very reasonable, and the surgery center my procedure was done at was wonderful. If I were to choose to have any further procedures performed, I would choose Dr. Dreyfuss again and again. He is wonderful, and I would highly recommend considering Dr. Dreyfuss and his staff – you will not be dissatisfied.” – Satisfied Patient

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