Chicago EmSculpt Neo by Dr. David Dreyfuss

Men and women interested in maintaining attractive, well-balanced contours understand that excess fat resists athletic motion. This battle forces them to increase their effort to increase contractions during each workout. The process is time-consuming, wastes energy, and requires patience to achieve aesthetic goals.

Our Chicago EmSculpt Neo is the first non-invasive body sculpting procedure that delivers simultaneous fat elimination with muscle toning in a 30-minute treatment session. Those interested in eliminating unwanted fat bulges while toning existing muscles find this advanced treatment useful to reach their bodybuilding goals.

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What Is EmSculpt Neo?

The EmSculpt Neo we offer our patients at our aesthetic center in Orland Park builds off the legacy of its predecessor, EmSculpt. It delivers high electromagnetic energies and radiofrequency at once. The benefits include more fat removal and muscle growth than any other treatment, in less time and for less money. Another advantage of EmSculpt Neo is it can treat patients with a BMI of up to 35!

This new favorite of celebrities like Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, Drew Barrymore, and many others is a well-kept secret of professional trainers for athletes, actors, and models.  Not only does it provide body-shaping benefits, but it can deliver skin tightening, too.

How Does Our Chicago EmSculpt Neo Work?

The process involves an advanced device that emits HIFEM+ energies with synchronized radiofrequency. The radiofrequency quickly raises the muscle temperature by several degrees. This heating prepares the target muscles for stress, much like the warmup portion of a workout. In under four minutes, the subcutaneous fat will reach temperatures that cause apoptosis, permanently damaging the fat within the treatment area and slowly removing the fat cells naturally. Clinical tests reveal an average of 30% reduction of subcutaneous fat.

Bypassing brain limitations, the HIFEM+ energy will cause muscle fibers to contract in target areas not achievable during a workout. This extreme stress will force the target muscles to adapt, increasing muscle cells and fibers, causing them to grow. Clinical tests indicate an increase of 25% muscle growth on average.

Importance of Strong Core Muscles

The body’s core is a set of tendons, joints, bones, and muscles critical to mobility and strength. The core includes the hips, pelvis, lower back, abdomen, and chest and is an integral part in the function of every other muscle group. A healthy and fit core can prevent injury, keep you strong, flexible and energetic, and allows your body’s musculoskeletal system to work efficiently.

EmSculpt Neo Improves Diastasis Recti

A huge benefit of our Chicago EmSculpt Neo is it helps with dastasis recti. This condition is where abdominal muscles on either side of the navel separate, causing a belly pooch. This cosmetic concern is common in women over 35, mothers after pregnancy, and men who were obese. Diastasis recti also may cause symptoms like poor posture, lower back pain, or hernia. A regular EmSuclpt Neo treatment plan can help core muscle regain strength gradually.

Lunchtime Treatment, Fast Results

EmSculpt Neo is a nonsurgical treatment that requires no preparation or recovery. The treatment session will consist of lying down in a comfortable position while the technology does its work. We can apply the apparatus to your buttocks or abdomen, creating a stimulating workout in only 30 minutes. It will feel much like exercising during an intense and rewarding workout. The only difference is you will be perfectly comfortable throughout. After treatment, you can return to your typical daily routine without worrying about recovery or downtime.

EmSculpt Neo Benefits

While some patients see positive results as early as the second treatment session, you should notice a muscle tone improvement before fat reduction. Fat reduction takes longer because it takes your body time to process naturally.

Unlike other body-sculpting procedures, Emsculpt NEO is useful on a broader range of patients. It is effective for patients with a body mass index of up to 35. The original EmSculpt limit was 30.  The EmSculpt Neo patient, unlike the original EmSculpt patient, is someone with additional fat layers, not for just thin people without a shapely figure.

At Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery, we have received tremendous feedback from patients due to EmSculpt Neo’s stress-free and comfortable sessions. They also appreciate they can return to work after a treatment session to go hand-in-hand with their busy lifestyles.

Ready to Get Started?

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EmSculpt Neo FAQS

Suppose you are looking for a convenient and comfortable treatment to maximize your fitness journey. In that case, you will find EmSculpt Neo in Chicago a useful tool. It helps resolve muscle conditions that arise from childbearing or weight fluctuation, providing contouring and strengthening needs.

Many of our patients are surprised to see improvements after only one session. These include stability and strength in the treatment area. Best results are visible after the fourth session. To maximize results, maintain your exercise routine.

The most significant improvement from the original EmSculpt to the more advanced EmSculpt Neo is the latter’s skin tightening benefit. This advantage comes through RF technology that increases collagen production and makes skin taut and smooth.

Many of our patients tell us that they feel stronger and realize more muscle tone before seeing their fat bulges shrink. The reason is that the body’s processes naturally remove the damaged and destroyed fat cells.

Patients report seeing full benefits within three months of the treatment. However, as with any body sculpting treatment, experiences vary.

Afterward, many patients experience mild muscle soreness for a few days. This sensation is close to how you feel after a hard workout. However, it dissipates on its own.

To get the best results with Emsculpt NEO muscle-building technology, a typical treatment protocol consists of four to eight sessions scheduled five to ten days apart.

Emsculpt NEO’s high intensity electromagnetic therapy is FDA-cleared to achieve body shaping without surgery in five areas—the abdomen, thighs, arms, calves, and buttocks.

You cannot get the improved muscle strength and tone consistent with Emsculpt NEO results at home because this treatment induces 20,000 contractions in the treatment area. Therefore, to achieve the same results, performing 20,000 squats, lunges, crunches, sit-ups, or curls in the target area is virtually impossible. However, Emsculpt NEO achieves this in one 30-minute session.

Emsculpt NEO is an affordable non-invasive fat reduction and body shaping treatment. When you schedule a free consultation with Dr. David Dreyfuss, you receive a comprehensive treatment plan that fits well within your financial budget.