Rather than targeting a narrow range of skin problems, DiamondGlow treatment offers the ultimate treatment for comprehensive skin repair and nourishment. DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion is the first of its kind; the optimal combination of skin resurfacing and serum infusion, allowing it to repair and rejuvenate the skin with unprecedented potency. With its unique and powerful mechanism, DiamondGlow is versatile enough to be used all over the body to eliminate blemishes, signs of aging, and heal your skin down to the cellular level.

The Science of DiamondGlow

DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion works on multiple levels of skin care, from microdermabrasion, vacuum massage, to the application of scientifically formulated serums. Its sophisticated system includes a diamond-tipped microdermabrasion device that polishes the skin, removing the damaged superficial layers and revealing the healthier, fresher skin beneath. At the same time, a vacuum system works to remove the detritus and dead skin, while stimulating circulation in the skin through a vacuum massage. Immediately after exfoliation, DiamondGlow’sinfusion technology applies a specially formulated serum to the newly resurfaced skin. Because of the immediate application of the serum, the infusion’s effects are much more powerful and better able to reach deeper depths of the skin.

DiamondGlow Versatility

DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion offers a chance for holistic, overall revitalization through a satisfying, luxurious treatment. DiamondGlow isn’t reserved for facial rejuvenation, and can be adapted to work on the neck, upper arms, and legs. DiamondGlow is also one of the few procedures that can treat keratosis pilaris, which are the small but unsightly bumps that can be found on the arms and legs. Some of the treatments that DiamondGlow can accomplish are:

  • Softening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removing signs of sun damage
  • Removing hyperpigmentation
  • Hydrating the skin
  • Creating a softer skin texture
  • Restores skin volume
  • Improves skin’s natural grow
  • Encourages the growth of healthy cells
  • Treating Acne
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks

DiamondGlow Recovery

DiamondGlowtreatment’s precision allows it to be a gentle, yet potent treatment, and it’s comfortable enough that it requires no recovery or downtime. After the treatment, some patients report some redness and a tight feeling to the face, but this is just a temporary side effect that should disappear soon.

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