The introduction of Vivace Microneedling with RF (radio frequency) elevates skin rejuvenation to a higher plane. This groundbreaking procedure is 100% natural, combining two established technologies into one treatment, which turns back the effects of aging to produce a radiant glow for any skin type.

This FDA-approved skin care system is state-of-the-art technology not currently available at many clinics in the greater Chicagoland. Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery is proud to offer our patients this cutting-edge treatment to help them maintain their skin health.

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What is Vivace?

Vivace is an advanced microneedling device that integrates the benefits of microneedling with radio frequency energy to deliver tighter skin and an increase in elastin and collagen production. Results are visible immediately and improve over time as your body’s healing mechanisms increase to encourage a youthful dermal structure and a softer, smoother skin surface.

Radiofrequency energy has been used in aesthetic treatments for some time because of its ability to heat the underlying skin tissue without damaging the skin’s outer layer. The heat kindles the body’s regenerative processes, as well as the production of collagen and elastin. The body produces both proteins abundantly when we’re young, but with age, their levels decrease. The decrease in elastic and collagen production leads to lax skin and wrinkle formation. By promoting their natural regeneration mechanisms, a tight and plump skin presence will return to attain more youthful-looking skin.

Microneedling produces micro-injuries in the skin by creating tiny puncture marks as the device passes over the skin’s surface. These tiny wounds cause the body to initiate its natural healing process, which will also promote elastin and collagen production. When Vivace combines microneedling and RF energy, the skin’s aesthetic improvement is long-lasting and more dramatic because the technologies have synergy in promoting the body’s natural healing process.

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By combining technologies into a single treatment and adding some extras to the mix, Vivace offers multiple advantages over other microneedling procedures or RF treatments:

  • Guarded needles and robotic handpiece provides a high level of comfort during treatment
  • Each patient can receive their precise level of correction by adjustment to the needle penetrating the optimal skin tissue depth
  • Potent and powerful numbing cream increases the comfort level of the treatment
  • Treatment serums designed for Vivace Microneedling add effectiveness to the treatment of various skin conditions and treat a variety of skin issues
  • Customized aftercare helps ensure an efficient, comfortable, and safe recovery

Treatment Options

Vivace microneedling treatment sites include the face, neck or body. This treatment system can resolve skin issues including:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Rough Skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne breakouts
  • Acne scarrings
  • Surgical Scars
  • Stretch marks

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Dreyfuss, will assess your situation to determine whether Vivace microneedling is the best procedure for you!

The Procedure

Vivace Microneedling is a highly tolerable procedure because of a potent numbing cream that is applied before treatment. Next, we pass the handpiece over the treatment area to deliver both microneedling wounds and radio frequency energy into the skin and underlying tissues. A treatment session lasts between twenty and thirty minutes.

Recovery and Results

Our Vivace Microneedling treatment typically requires no downtime. Many patients choose to schedule their treatment during their lunch break because they can return to work immediately after leaving our office.

Some patients appear flushed after treatment, but this will subside within a few hours. We recommend you use sunscreen because your skin will be more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. However, we ask you don’t apply anything on the skin for six hours after treatment except for medical grade calming creams or mask.

Results are immediate. Your skin may appear tighter and smoother after treatment, and the results will improve over time. With more elastin and collagen production, your underlying tissue will be firm and stout, and your skin’s surface will become soft and smooth.

With many patients, we recommend a series of treatments at one-month intervals. When we achieve your aesthetic goals, an occasional treatment session will help maintain results.

Vivace Microneedling is an optimal treatment to help you achieve correction for aging skin to deliver a rejuvenated, youthful and radiant skin glow.

To learn more about Vivace, please call our Chicago office at 815-806-9400, or you can submit your information on the contact page.

FAQs for Vivace Microneedling in Chicago

Radiofrequency treatment uses heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the tissues and is proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and enhance the quality of the skin. When combined with state-of-the-art microneedling treatments, you can achieve optimal results.

Dr. Dreyfuss uses a topical numbing cream to make the treatment more comfortable. Patients describe a feeling of light pressure accompanied by an occasional warming sensation, while others report a feeling of minor prickling.

Since a numbing cream is applied 30-45 minutes before the treatment to ensure a comfortable patient experience, patients should experience minimal discomfort during the treatment. In testimonials from patients, they report finding the treatment to be in a range of comfortable to virtually pain-free because Vivace microneedle RF was designed with patient comfort in mind.

Dr. Dreyfuss will determine your specific treatments, and generally, three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart provide the optimal results patients seek.

Pre-treatment numbing takes approximately 30-45 minutes, with the treatment itself taking about 45 minutes for the face. The total treatment time for all target areas can take between an hour and an hour and a half.

Most patients find that their results last for a few years. However, this will vary depending on the number of treatments and the number of touch-up treatments a patient chooses. Patients who schedule routine touch-up treatments report long-term results.

Most patients will be ready to resume their usual daily activities within 1-2 days and should be able to leave home within a day or two of treatment without any signs they have had a cosmetic procedure.

Your Vivace cost will depend primarily on how many treatments you have in a series and whether you take any of the complementary treatments that might be recommended. You may also be able to get a discounted rate if you pay upfront for your full treatment series.

Since Vivace is an elective cosmetic treatment, your health insurance will not cover the cost.