Can I Sleep on My Belly After Getting a Breast Augmentation?

With so many women choosing breast augmentation to enhance their figure and improve breast appearance, medical technology continues to advance the surgery to make the procedure safer with best results. However, an area of concern for many patients is the recovery. Women considering the operation ask us questions ranging from time off from work to when they can return to the gym. Another popular topic they want to discuss is their sleep position.

Back, Side, or Tummy?

Proper healing after surgery requires plenty of rest. Interrupted sleep through the night can be frustrating and possibly unhealthy. It is vital to get enough sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is critical to sleep uninterrupted after surgery. For women who are most comfortable sleeping on their belly, this may prove challenging following breast augmentation. Although you can relax on your tummy right after breast surgery, there are several reasons why this may not work out. These include:

  • Most likely, it will be uncomfortable or possibly painful. Sleeping on your stomach will put too much pressure on your breasts right after surgery.
  • There’s a slight chance your implants may not have adequately settled and you sleeping on them too soon may prevent them from falling in place correctly.

Although Dr. Dreyfuss recommends sleeping on your back for the first few weeks after surgery, don’t get too concerned if you turn to your side or tummy during the night. Lying on your stomach for a few hours shouldn’t cause any significant problem. But, if it hurts to sleep on your side or tummy, get back (sorry for being redundant) on your back.

Sleeping on Your Tummy

Some women find it comfortable to sleep on their stomach after having the surgery, but others may find the complete opposite. Some patients return to snoozing belly down with their heads buried in the pillows, while others settle into sleeping on their side or back after healing is complete. Whichever way is fine. Once the incisions are healed, and the implants settle, there is no risk with whatever position you choose.

Keep in mind your surgeon knows what’s best for you. So, any specific instructions he may give you, follow because recovery varies from patient to patient. The best rules to follow involve listening to your surgeon and your body!

Sleeping Tips

Surgeons recommend you sleep on your back for as long as possible. You may use pillows to elevate your back to support the weight of your implants. When it’s comfortable, you can graduate to your side. What’s important is to get your body as comfortable as possible to get the sleep you need.

Although there are no rules engraved in stone to follow concerning your sleep position after breast surgery, we offer these tips; you may find them helpful in getting a good night sleep.

  • Don’t sleep on your stomach for the first few weeks.
  • Use a pillow wedged under your side to keep you in place.
  • Sleep at an elevated angle, half sitting up. This position relieves pressure from the incision. Find a wedge pillow made for this specifically.
  • Wear a compression bra to help reduce pressure on the incision.
  • If you experience any abnormal pain, contact your doctor immediately.

Remember, the healing process requires sleep. These tips should help you get the proper rest you need to recover fully.

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