Sagging skin is one of the most unfortunate, but prominent signs of aging. Lifting sagging skin is not an easy treatment, and many of these treatments are incredibly invasive and often require a long recovery period. For those seeking a nonsurgical, but effective treatment for sagging skin, Ultherapy® is the only FDA-approved non-invasive lift for the face, neck, chin, décolletage, and brow. Using advanced ultrasound technology, Ultherapy® works with gentle precision to target deep within your skin to stimulate the production of collagen, a component of the skin essential to elasticity. Gradually, Ultherapy® encourages the skin to gradually lift and tighten itself for a more youthful appearance. Ultherapy® has been established as a safe treatment thanks to clinical studies and more than 400,000 treatments all over the world.

How Ultherapy® Works

Ultherapy® is different from laser, radio frequency, surgery, and other devices because its ultrasound energy bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver the precise amount of ultrasound energy, at the right depths, and the right temperature. Ultherapy® uses ultrasound imaging to determine where exactly under the skin the treatment should be delivered, allowing it to target the areas where it would be most beneficial. The ultrasound energy stimulates the regenerative mechanisms under the skin, allowing for the production of fresh, new collagen. Gradually, the skin should lift and tighten itself for a smoother, more youthful appearance. You should be able to see results beginning after 2-3 months, but your results should last for up to a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasound has been used by the medical field for over 50 years and has been determined to be safe and effective. Ultherapy® uses sound energy, also known as ultrasound, which has unique properties that allows it to pass through the skin to treat depths that are not reachable by other nonsurgical devices. Laser devices use light energy, which can only safely treat superficial layers of skin, so it is not cleared for lifting skin. However, because laser and ultrasound procedure are different, they are compatible enough to be used at the same time.

Your Ultherapy® results will appear gradually over 2-3 months, as your body responds to the treatment by regenerating collagen. The results come from a natural process, so the rate of regeneration will depend on how fast your body responds to the treatment.

It will all depend what area you are treating and what your treatment plan is. For example, a treatment for the face and neck takes around 60-90 minutes to complete, while a treatment for the décolletage might take around 30 minutes.

Ultherapy® does not require anesthesia, and most patients are able to tolerate the feeling of Ultherapy® administered onto their skin.

Some patients report redness, swelling, tinging, bruising, numbness, or tenderness at the treatment area. These side effects are only temporary, and should go away with time.

An ideal candidate for Ultherapy® has mild to moderately sagging skin. Ideal candidates usually have skin that feels less firm, a drooping eyebrow line, sagging skin under the chin and neck, and wrinkles and fine lines on the chest.

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