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David Dreyfuss, MD

Dr. David Dreyfuss is a highly-skilled, compassionate plastic surgeon dedicated to the comfort and happiness of his patients. His advanced training and extensive experience allow him to provide the highest quality care and superior results. Serving the greater Chicago area, he has helped thousands of patients through cosmetic surgeries, growing their confidence and ensuring they can present their best selves. Dr. Dreyfuss knows that each patient is different and has their own unique goals in mind; he draws upon his ability to connect with other and his keen aesthetic sense to fully customize procedures and provide stunning results.

When you choose Dr. Dreyfuss as your plastic surgeon, you are in the care of a doctor who is masterfully trained in cosmetic surgery and believes that every patient deserves to feel attractive and have a comfortable experience from start to finish.

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Breast Surgery

Dr. Dreyfuss has performed hundreds of cosmetic breast surgeries, and his patients are overwhelmingly satisfied with their results. He offers a wide range of surgeries to help patients feel fantastic, including increased fullness through breast augmentation, breast reduction to decrease volume and weight, and breast lift surgery. He can also address issues in symmetry or proportion, including changes to the nipple and areola through the latest in surgical techniques.

Body Sculpting Procedures

Studies indicate that half or more of all adults in the US experience dissatisfaction with the shape or size of their bodies. There are surgical options to address problem areas, and we also offer minimally-invasive and non-invasive procedures that improve your overall body confidence. Dr. Dreyfuss is an expert in performing butt lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, and mommy makeovers, among other body sculpting treatments. He understands the toll that pregnancy, childbirth, weight gain and loss, and general aging can take on the body and creates fully-customized packages to restore your silhouette and confidence. Regardless of where you’d like to see improvement in your body shape, Dr. Dreyfuss can help!

Facial Rejuvenation

Because others notice your facial appearance first, it is important to put your best face forward. Through a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments, Dr. Dreyfuss can minimize the signs of aging, restore your youthful appeal, and enhance features such as your nose, lips, or eyes. These treatments require a highly-trained and skilled surgeon; Dr. Dreyfuss is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers the skill and experience required for excellent facial surgery and rejuvenation. He can enhance a single feature or area of the face or perform a more dramatic transformation to erase the signs of cosmetic aging in multiple treatment areas.


Not everyone wants to or can undergo plastic surgery, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with features that make you feel self-conscious. Advances in medical technology have led to minimally- and non-invasive procedures that can give you dramatic results. At our practice in the Chicago area, we offer a full spectrum of non-surgical options, such as CoolSculpting® to reduce body fat, injectable cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of facial aesthetics, Kybella® for double chin removal, and laser treatments for skin improvements, hair removal, and more!

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