Beauty Perception At Age 20 Versus Age 60

583053Is there some part of your lifestyle, such as an activity, that you think contributes most to your appearance?  Do you go to great lengths in order to look good? Why?   Is there a feature your body that you are more conscious of than any other?

These are the sort of questions asked by researchers during the Beauty for Life survey, a collaborative effort facilitated by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  ASAPS President Renato Saltz says the survey was intended to help physicians “understand what patients are most concerned about at different stages of their lives.”

Survey respondents were divided into age groups to determine each generation’s perceptual differences regarding physical appearance of the self and physical appearance of ones partner.

Respondents in their 20s, 30s, and 40s said that a “fit, well proportioned body” was what they found most appealing in another person.  But when it came to their own physical characteristics, the same group was most concerned about their own faces.  The abdomen and hips were said to be areas of significant concern (especially in the 30s), but across the board, patients said they were most conscious of their facial appearance.

When asked about their motivation to maintain a healthy appearance, the following reasons topped the list:

  • Increase self confidence
  • Make friends
  • Attract partners
  • Increase job prospects

In all age groups, cosmetic procedures ranked fairly high, alongside diet, exercise, and skin care.  Through the link below you can view fancy colored graphs (in a pdf file) of the Beauty for Life survey results.