Surgical Forehead Procedure for Migraines

Professionals with The American Society of Plastic surgeons have been getting recognition this week for authoring a study about migraine headaches.  The headache-curing surgical procedure they’ve documented is apparently very similar to the forehead lift we perform right here in Illinois.

In a clinical trial, surgeons operated on 49 patients to ‘deactivate’ their migraines at their respective ‘migraine trigger sites.’  26 patients in a “sham surgery group” received what was basically a placebo.

One year later, 57 percent of the patients in the actual surgery group reported complete elimination of migraine headaches, compared with only 4 percent in the sham surgery group. Furthermore, 83 percent of the actual surgery group observed at least a 50 percent reduction in migraines.

Author of the study, Bahman Guyuron MD calls the procedure a “meaningful addition to the field of reconstructive plastic surgery” and we definitely agree.  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You can read the official press release here at