Slimming Down Problem Areas With Liposuction

Millions of body-conscious Americans try to slim down every year, and many succeed with diet and exercise.  However, most people still exhibit a few problem areas of stubborn fat.  These days, getting the body you want often requires more than just sweating to the oldies at the YMCA; it requires some smart technology and a good surgeon.

The problem is, a shift occurs at a certain age that affects weight fluctuations and it doesn’t seem to matter what we do – those stubborn saddlebags won’t go away.  Fortunately, liposuction can slim down fat deposits in many areas such as the back, thighs, buttocks, tummy, and elsewhere.

There are many new liposuction devices on the market that may or may not be as effective as advertised, from laser assisted lipolysis, to ultrasonic, soundwave assisted liposuction.  Whatever the case, tumescent liposuction is still considered the gold standard for many surgeons.

If you want to learn more about slimming down with liposuction, contact Doctor Dreyfuss. Also, see our liposuction before and after photos to get an idea of the results that can be achieved.