A Whole Foods Diet Can Restore Youthful Skin

People who want to live right – eat right. A healthy diet is an essential part of living a healthier, longer, and more fulfilled life. The best foods to put into your system are those in their most natural form. These are known as whole foods. They will keep your body healthy, happy, and away from harmful preservatives.

Whole foods deliver the nutrition and energy necessary to keep your body running at optimal levels. It also helps keep your skin looking young and radiant.

Nutritious Body Cleansers

Processed foods are chock-full of toxins that lead to life-threatening diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. But eating whole foods will cleanse your body from harmful toxins while increasing vital nutrients and vitamins essential for healthy skin.

Internal organs like adrenals, thyroid, kidneys, liver, and intestines work together to keep your body operating at its highest levels. When introducing massive amounts of unhealthy, processed foods, these organs may become overtaxed and unable to filter out all toxins. This overload may cause a hormonal imbalance causing breakouts and problematic skin conditions. When the thyroid is overburdened, it can cause your skin to become dry and flaky. When the intestines don’t do their job, your skin may become oily, thick, and blemished.

Vitamins and Minerals

Whole foods contain omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, silica, proteins, lycopene, and antitoxins like vitamin C and K2. These are beneficial substances which can restore collagen production, reduce inflammation, increase skin elasticity, smooth skin textures, and regenerate new skin cells.

How to Incorporate Whole Foods into your Diet

If you want to introduce these essential nutrients and minerals into your body, you can start by making good choices. Refrain from refined (enriched) grains and replace them with whole-grain foods whenever possible. Eat more vegetables, fruits, and beans rather than depending on supplements. Cook organic foods like range free chicken and eggs. Steam fresh vegetables instead of using unhealthy oils or margarine. Stay away from processed cheeses, meats, or breakfast foods like toaster pastries. Smoothies using fresh fruits, almond milk, and a recommended protein powder is a nutritious breakfast.

The Benefits of Whole Foods

If you are serious about improving your diet for a healthier lifestyle and clearer, more radiant skin, eating mainly whole foods is an excellent place to start. There is plenty of information online which will guide you into the Do’s and Don’ts of a whole food diet. Whole foods also help break down fat and cholesterol levels, which is good for your heart. When choosing what to eat, a simple rule is; “if man made it don’t eat it.” Choose foods that come out of the ground or meats that are humanely, and organically raised. Choosing the right foods will keep you more active, healthier, and looking great.

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