When Should You Get Laser Hair Removal?

If your skin is sensitive and you dream of it being smooth, fresh, and stubble-free, shaving is a drag – literally. Still, most people spend significant time and energy removing unwanted hair in certain areas to look and feel fresh.

Many shaving alternatives are equally problematic. For example, waxing and electrolysis are time-consuming and can be painful. Surely, there must be a better way.

Laser hair removal is one solution that seems to get the job done with less work and excellent results. But there remains a dilemma – when is the best time to get the procedure?

Laser Hair Removal Timing

If you check with your medical spa or laser provider, they may tell you autumn and winter are the best times of year because there is less sun to adversely affect your results. But your schedule may not permit that time frame.

With advanced laser technology, hair removal is now possible year-round. Hair growth is cyclical, and the procedure is only effective during the growth cycle. Therefore, it’s the cycle, not the season, you should use to plan your hair removal treatment.

Innovative laser technology can also treat darker-toned or tanned skin. That means you can get hair removal done in spring and summer, especially if you need multiple sessions.

At What Age Is Laser Hair Removal Best?

Adults can get laser hair removal whenever they want. In theory, laser hair removal is mostly permanent; though some hair may grow back, you’ll notice it is thinner and sparser than before.

While the timing is entirely up to you. For most patients, there are two critical criteria for when to have laser hair removal:

  • When you can afford the procedure
  • When you are tired of shaving or waxing coarse, dark hair

What Is the Best Time of Year for Laser Hair Removal?

Most people undergo laser hair removal during autumn and winter. Because hair grows in stages, you’ll need three to four sessions spaced a few weeks apart to target all your unwanted hair. Because the laser must identify and target hair follicles to be effective, you must allow your hair to grow out for a few weeks. That means no plucking hair, since that will remove the roots and follicles.

Best Practices Before And After Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Follow your doctor’s suggestions before treatment, particularly regarding shaving the treatment area beforehand. Avoid the sun for at least 72 hours before your procedure. If you must go out, cover the areas you plan to have treated and wear sunscreen.

Remain out of the sun for a week to 10 days afterward, or until your skin has healed and swelling or redness has subsided.

Say Goodbye to Unwelcome Hair

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