Scarring is a consequence of any type of surgery but looms larger during a cosmetic correction. Having a good scar result after abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is critical to most patients—the less noticeable the scarring, the better the outcome.  Whatever the result, it will last a lifetime. Still, there are steps plastic surgeon Dr. David Dreyfuss can take to make sure your scarring is minimized and barely noticeable.

Of course, the visibility of your tummy tuck scar starts with the surgery itself. As a highly trained and experienced body contouring specialist, Dr. Dreyfuss will take every precaution to ensure your scars are minimally visible and easily hidden by your clothing. His attention to details like incision technique, sutures, dressings, and post-surgery care will promote appropriate healing and less visible scars. He also offers post-recovery treatments that will have you forgetting about these cosmetic concerns entirely.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis offers a considerable improvement to scarring, including those incurred during a tummy tuck. This laser reduces the size of blood vessels in the wound, which helps reduce redness in the scar. Redness is the most significant factor for scar visibility after an operation, and most patients want to rid themselves of the discoloration quickly.

On average, this redness takes about a year to resolve to acceptable levels, longer for younger patients.  Laser Genesis speeds the process by accelerating the fading of the incision wounds into your natural skin tone within a few months. It’s a fantastic treatment for tummy tuck patients who want their tummy looking smooth and even-toned as quickly as possible.

This laser skin rejuvenation process delivers high energy pulses deep into the dermis. It is highly tolerable and can be completed during lunchtime. With no anesthesia necessary, you can return to your daily routine once you leave our facility. Optimal results are apparent after about five treatments, but this number varies from patient to patient.

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If you are considering a tummy tuck and would like to know more about enhancing your results, or if you’ve had the surgery but need help with the scarring left behind, call board-certified Dr. David Dreyfuss today. He can have you feeling great about your new tummy in no time.

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Fall is a great time to have plastic surgery. The kids are back in school, the holiday rush hasn’t quite started yet, and the cool weather makes covering up easy. Likewise, most people are at an ideal weight this time of year after engaging in numerous outdoor summer activities. So, what should be on your plastic surgery shopping list this fall? While only a consultation can tell you exactly which procedures are right for you, the following operations are cool weather favorites:

The Top Three Fall Procedures

1. Breast Augmentation

As more than a few celebrities can attest to, nothing is more embarrassing than putting your breast augmentation scars on full display by accident. This surgery is therefore better booked during the colder months when bikinis and light dresses are safely packed away for next year. If you have breast augmentation during the fall, by the time you’ll be ready to dig out your summer clothes again, your scars will have faded away.

2. Rhinoplasty

If there are two inevitable things about Christmas, they are fruitcake and being photographed excessively. If you’re struggling with a less-than-photogenic face, we therefore recommend getting a rhinoplasty during the fall. Because camera lenses heavily accentuate the nose, having a rhinoplasty can make you look significantly better in pictures. If you want to make sure all the swelling, bruising, and irritation is completely gone by the time you’re posing with Santa, book today.

3. Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck Surgery)

If sagging skin and a loose, “flabby” looking abdomen have you dreading donning a cocktail dress on New Year’s Eve, why not try an abdominoplasty? As long as you’re willing to dedicate two to three months to healing completely (with at least two weeks of bed rest immediately after surgery), this procedure can be life-changing. Better still, in the absence of significant weight gain, it will produce permanent results… Meaning that you’ll have a killer beach bod by the time summer rolls around again.

Autumn is a reflective, introspective time—So why not spend it investing in things that will make you look and feel like a whole new you? For many people, fall plastic surgery is the perfect way to ensure greater confidence and poise year-round. Don’t wait, contact Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery now to book your procedure in time for the fall.