Is your skincare routine close to non-existent? Because you’re busy being a mom, your daily ritual may be limited to washing your face, applying lotion, and the occasional skin mask. Or less, even. Many active mothers today feel intimidated, not knowing what products to buy or what treatments work.

With that in mind, we feel it’s essential to reach out to mothers to help them kick off a skincare routine. Here are some helpful hints to make skincare easy.

Cleanse Before Bed

Washing your face is crucial but don’t overdo it. We recommend giving your face a thorough cleansing before saying nighty night. For daily use, we recommend Alastin Gentle Cleanser to thoroughly remove make-up and environmental pollutants. It is self-foaming and sulfate-free and contains calming antioxidants. Or you can employ SkinMedica’s Sensitive Skin Cleanser that is a gentle cleanser and hydrates sensitive skin.


To ensure youthful skin, you must hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And not just with a topical product, but from inside out. Drink plenty of water daily, especially if you manage a workout for the day. Then apply a medical-grade moisturizer before bed. We recommend Alastin Sooth + Protect Recovery Balm and SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream.


Nothing in nature is more harmful to your skin than the sun. Its dangerous UV rays can harm skin cells, making your skin look dull and old. When it comes to sunscreen, we recommend HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 36 from Alastin or Total Defense and Repair SPF 50+.

Wrinkle Prevention

Getting the proper nutrients and vitamins to your skin is critical to maintaining elasticity and plumpness. To maintain a youthful, vibrant skin presence and combat the visible signs of aging, you should religiously use a skin rejuvenation serum for skin tone and texture. We recommend Alastin’s Restorative Skin Complex or SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced+ Serum.

Eye Care

The eyelids are the most delicate skin on your body. They are very susceptible to wrinkling and sagging. And you want to resolve or prevent undereye circles that make you look tired and worn—Alastin’s Restorative Eye Treatment or Skin Medica’s Instant Bright Eye Cream are excellent products for the eyelids.

The Neck

To keep your neck long, smooth, and sleek to frame your facial beauty, we recommend Alastin’s Restorative Neck Complex with TriHex Technology. The TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica offers an all-in-one skin rejuvenating product to soften the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, and texture as well.

Facials and Peels

When you can find the time (and a babysitter), schedule a visit for a stress-free time at our Spa Services with our friendly Esthetician Daneyda.  She offers a wide range of anti-aging facials, brightening facials, deep cleaning facials, and redness relief treatments. For more severe exfoliation, she performs dermabrasion and chemical peels.

Are you interested in the benefits of starting a medical-grade skincare regimen? Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery offers a host of non-surgical skincare treatments and products you can use at home. Book a consultation with us at our surgical center in Orland Park, and we would be happy to design you a custom skincare regimen for optimal results!

As winter gives way to warmer temperatures, your skin care routine should also shift. Transitioning out of the cold, dry weather into warmth and sunshine can be a significant change for our skin.

Spring brings more hours of sunlight and higher humidity – factors that may dramatically impact your skin health and complexion during the hotter months. Here are some notable tips our team put together to make the change from winter to spring.

Switch Skin Care Products

As we all know, winter in the Chicago area can be harsh, cold, and windy, leading us to rely on heavy moisturizers or creams. However, as the weather warms, you can use gentler products instead. Switch to lighter moisturizers and use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher. Be sure to look for medical-grade products tailored to your skin type.

Stay Healthy

An easy way to avoid breakouts is to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. Consuming abundant portions of fruits and vegetables daily can give your skin the minerals and vitamins it needs. Committing to an exercise routine will also work wonders for your body. Remember to wash and moisturize your face after working out, especially if you like to exercise outdoors.


Once the winter climate is behind us, it’s an excellent time to slough off that tired, dull skin. Exfoliation treatments like laser skin rejuvenation, facials, Vivace microneedling, and microdermabrasion will reveal fresh, radiant skin.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting sufficient rest can improve skin quality, but it’s equally critical to consider the conditions in which you sleep. Keep your bedroom cool to prevent night sweats, which may clog pores and make it more challenging to get a good night’s sleep.

Also, change your sheets and pillowcases weekly – the oils from your skin and hair leave behind traces that can cause acne breakouts.

Apply Sunscreen Liberally and Often

Once the temperature gets warmer and the days lengthen, people tend to spend more time outdoors. And with the warmer climate, we wear less clothing, exposing more skin to the sun. Make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen daily, and reapply every two hours. Choose a medical-grade sunscreen from our product selection page. Your skin will thank you today and for many years to come.

Learn More

Looking to change up your skin care routine this spring? Are you interested in the benefits of starting a medical-grade skin care regimen? Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery offers a host of non-surgical skin care treatments and products you can use at home. Book a consultation with us at our surgical center in Orland Park, and we would be happy to design you a custom skin care regimen for optimal results!

The winter season can be drying and damaging to our skin with the cooler temperatures and windy weather. Dr. Dreyfuss created this infographic that includes the top 10 beauty tips to look radiant all winter long. Keep your glowing skin this season by following these ten helpful beauty tips!

  1. Put your makeup removing wipes aside for the winter and opt for a cleansing balm.
  2. Switch out your current foaming cleanser for a more mild and gently cream cleanser.
  3. Don’t scare away from oils. Try using a natural oil like argan oil for your night time moisturizer.
  4. For nights when you’re feeling extra dry, try a hydrating sheet mask or overnight sleeping mask.
  5. Sun rays can affect your skin in any weather. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every day.
  6. As tempting as a hot bath may be, lukewarm showers are better and won’t strip your skin dry.
  7. Try a luminous foundation instead of a matte one that could make flakey skin more obvious.
  8. Use a cream blush instead of a powder one to avoid appearing like you have makeup caked on.
  9. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara is key to keeping it from running when your eyes water from the wind.
  10. Drink plenty of water and pay attention to nutrition in order to maintain your skin from the inside out.

For more winter beauty tips or to schedule a skin care service, contact Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery.