How Long Will Mommy Makeover Results Last?

While the advantages will always exceed the costs, having children often has a way of leaving a noticeable mark on mothers in the form of sagging breasts, weakened abdominal muscles, and exercise-resistant tummy pouches. Mommy makeover surgery is a fantastic response to these postpartum changes. This procedure usually combines breast surgery with a tummy tuck and liposuction to return your body to its pre-pregnancy form. These surgeries deliver long-lasting results if what’s necessary to keep them is done. Once your recovery is complete, the decision to look sleek and sexy is up to you. The good news is that maintaining your new slim figure is easier than you think. 

Keep Your Weight Stable

Gaining weight is a common reason for the changes in your cosmetic results. Although liposuction removes pockets of fat weight gain and weight fluctuations are still possible. Following a consistent exercise routine with a healthy diet, it will keep your figure svelte as well as the benefit of good health. 

Wait Until Your Last Child is Born

Although it may be a temptation to have a mommy makeover the moment you see the effect that pregnancy can have on your body, we recommend waiting until your childbearing days are done. Although the procedure will not affect your ability to have more children, pregnancy can reverse the results. When to have the surgery is totally up to you.

If You Smoke – Stop

While refraining from smoking is critical before and after surgery to reduce complications and risk, avoiding the habit after recovery will help your overall health and aesthetics. Smoking affects every part of your body, including the areas of your surgery. 

Avoid the Sun Early On

After surgery, your incision will need to heal. We will provide exceptional care and instructions to ensure proper healing and minimal scarring. One of our guidelines will be to keep these incisions out of the sun. Exposing them to sunlight before they have entirely healed will cause them to darken and become more noticeable. Also, once you can bare your body to the sun, make sure you wear a medical-grade sunscreen. 

Make the Right Choices

So far, we’ve been talking about decisions and lifestyle choices you make after surgery to ensure long-lasting results. Now we will talk about what you can do before surgery. When you are looking for who will perform the procedure, only look for surgeons who are board-certified in plastic surgery. General surgeons and cosmetic surgeons do not require the same extensive training. Plastic surgeons are highly educated and trained in plastic, and reconstructive surgery and surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery will require continual education, are held to the highest ethical standards, and must be recertified every ten years. After your research, schedule a consultation to make sure you and your surgeon are the right fit. 

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