How to Determine the Perfect Timing for Your Tummy Tuck

It’s spring and the warmer months are quickly approaching. This time of year, social events and special occasions come in full swing. Class reunions, weddings, and graduations all include photos and visiting with friends and family you haven’t seen for some time.

When planning for these occasions, you want to prepare by looking your best. Unfortunately, when weight fluctuation or pregnancy has left your mid-section soft and sagging, and excess skin has made your favorite outfits impossible to wear comfortably, these events become more of a burden than a celebration.

But that doesn’t have to be the reality. Aesthetic medicine can help firm your tummy and present you with the attractive, shapely contour you want to show off.

Abdominoplasty to the Rescue

A tummy tuck will give you that slender, taut abdomen you so richly deserve. Let’s face it, diet and exercise have been part of your routine for years, only to leave you wanting for more contour and less flab. The stubborn fat pads and excess skin are not only unsightly to your eyes; they make you uncomfortable in anything you wear outside of your sweatpants or Pajamas.

So, prepare to look your best with a tight tummy suited for your favorite outfit when planning for that special event and beyond.

Vacation Planning

Although reunions and weddings come around on occasion, many families plan summer vacations every year. Too often, these plans are influenced by what you feel comfortable wearing. You avoid beaches or cruises because wearing a swimsuit is too embarrassing. Instead, you drag the family to some destination that fits better with clothes chosen to hide your figure.

A tummy tuck can prepare your body for swimsuits which flatter and turn heads. You will be amazed at what this can do for your psyche and self-esteem. Your confidence will soar as will the enjoyment of the entire family when cruising along the ocean, or body surfing on the shore.

What’s the Process?

Planning to include a tummy tuck in special event preparations? Start by scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Here in Chicago, many physicians perform the procedure, but few are as qualified as board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Dreyfuss.

At your consultation, Dr. Dreyfuss will review your medical history and ask questions on why you want the procedure. If you both agree the surgery is right for you, he develops a surgical plan with you present. At the consultation, you will receive specific instructions to prepare you for the upcoming surgery.

On the day of surgery, you should bring a friend or family member to help you home and take care of you for a couple of days. Your recovery will last for a few to several weeks, depending on how well your body tends to heal.  You will be sidelined from your daily routine for about two weeks, gradually returning to normal activities as you recover.

After six to eight weeks, you should realize your results. Although swelling may take longer to subside completely, you should see a marked improvement in your abdominal contour, with a smoother skin presence as well.

During the Procedure

The procedure includes making an incision on the abdomen across the pubic area. Then Dr. Dreyfuss removes stubborn fat pads and excess skin and reinforces underlying muscle tissue with sutures. Liposuction is also sometimes performed to reduce fullness of the upper abdomen and excess fat on the sides, resulting in a more sculpted look. The incisions are then closed with fine sutures to help keep any scarring to fine lines which eventually fade.

You will find yourself in a recovery room when you wake. Here, we monitor and evaluate your progress. Then, your friend or family member can take you home.


Considering the recovery period is essential in timing your tummy tuck to be ready for any event or occasion where you need to look your best. Although healing varies from patient to patient, a good benchmark for tummy tuck recovery is six to eight weeks.

So, if you are looking to utilize this amazing body contouring procedure to look your best for an upcoming event or vacation, plan wisely by giving yourself at least two months after surgery.


After your surgery, you will enjoy the results your exercise routine and strict diet did not produce. Your tummy will be tight and firm, much like when you were young. You should be able to wear clothes which cling to your body without embarrassment and wear a wider selection of swimsuits and summer attire.

To learn more about timing your tummy tuck procedure, call Dr. Dreyfuss at 815-806-9400 or schedule a consultation today.