Allergan’s Eyelash Enhancer ‘Latisse’ Gets FDA Approval

The hot new eyelash enhancement drug Latisse is now available in Frankfort and Munster!

Last month, the FDA gave Botox/Juvederm manufacturer Allergan its stamp of approval for Latisse.  Now, the hot new drug is becoming available through certain providers.

What is Latisse? If you haven’t heard yet, it is a special eyelash treatment that is applied to the base of the lashes.  Latisse keeps hairs in their growth phase, producing darker, fuller and longer eyelashes. The aesthetic results of Latisse are desirable, but not permanent; patients must keep using it in order to maintain its effects.

Like many new drugs in recent years, the effects of Latisse were discovered inadvertently. During clinical trials for a glaucoma eye drop called Lumigan, researchers noticed an unintended side effect; patients exhibited longer, fuller lashes.  To make it brief: further research was conducted, the active ingredient (bimatoprost) was reduced, and now many patients can have the long, desirable eyelashes they’ve always wanted.

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