What Can BodyTite Do for You?

A problem with many body shaping treatments is not what they eliminate, but what they leave behind. When an aesthetic procedure resolves unwanted bulges by reducing stubborn fat, the skin may be too lax to drape tightly over the treatment site. This phenomenon results in wrinkles and sagging. 

The advanced body sculpting technology BodyTite is a minimally invasive treatment that shapes, lifts, and tightens without a scalpel or the risk of scarring. It often incorporates liposuction to deliver surgical-like results, but without the extensive downtime that surgery requires. 


A significant benefit of BodyTite is how it delivers its results. You will realize immediate improvements after your session, with continued correction during the months ahead.  Other benefits include the following.

Minimally Invasive

Although we all seek the perfect body contour, many people don’t want to undergo surgery to rid themselves of stubborn fat pads. BodyTite is ideal for those who are busy with a career or managing a household. It allows the average working person to enhance their figure without enduring several days or weeks of healing and downtime. 


Another benefit of BodyTite is its versatility. You can have it applied in various areas, including:

  • Neck
  • Upper arms
  • Bra roll
  • Legs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Abdomen

In addition to resolving unwanted fat pads, BodyTite tightens skin by triggering collagen and elastin production naturally. 

Outpatient Procedure

A convenience of BodyTite is you won’t have to spend the night in the hospital. As an outpatient procedure, it allows you to go home after the treatment. On average, BodyTite treatments take about two or three hours. Because you will be under anesthesia for the procedure, you will need to have a responsible adult with you to drive you home. 

Safe and Pain-Free

By employing radiofrequency energy, BodyTite is exceptionally safe and tolerable. Its FDA approval tells you it has no known adverse effects. The procedure offers little to no discomfort, which helps you rest after the procedure and keeps your body at ease. 

The Bottom Line

Since stubborn fat can be hard to get rid of by eating right and working out, BodyTite has become a popular body sculpting option. We invite you to consult with Dr. Dreyfuss to discuss this advanced technology proven reliable to many of our patients. 

The Best Place for BodyTite in Chicago 

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