Can plastic surgery procedures be considered a marital asset?  That’s what a North Dakota attorney argued in a recent divorce case.  According to an AP article in the Star Tribune, the judge called the idea “nonsense.”  Read: N.D. High Court considers Lasik, Breast implants values in divorce case

In the UK, employees of a cosmetic surgery clinic are showing off their surgery results in a special 2010 calendar.  They say the “calendar is tongue-in-cheek, but tasteful” and “it features girls of all ages and they all look amazing.”  Read and see slideshow: The Sun News: Cosmetic Surgery Calendar Girls.

The word has definitely spread about the proposed elective cosmetic tax, and plastic surgeons and other professionals are definitely opinionated about it. Some of the recent criticisms of the tax are downright scathing. Read Bloomberg News: Breast Enlargement Tax That Failed in Jersey Taints U.S. Plan.