Smart BodySculpting with Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dreyfuss

We all want a healthy, fit body to wear the clothes we want. That’s why we spend so much time and enthusiasm with dietary choices and exercising. Although you remain dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, you may struggle with seemingly endless pitfalls and setbacks trying to reach your weight-loss and body sculpting goals.

Even if you’ve reached your goal weight, you may not be completely satisfied at the end of this journey. You want your body to reflect the hard work and sacrifice you put in. BodyTite is a minimally invasive surgical body-sculpting treatment that also helps tighten skin. It can deliver the shape you have been trying to achieve, with the added benefit of addressing loose skin.

Reveal Your Best Body

A revolutionary body contouring, skin tightening therapy, BodyTite improves skin laxity while targeting stubborn fat bulges that seem resistant to diet and exercise. It is minimally invasive, employing advanced RFAL (radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis) to deliver controlled waves of heat energy uniformly across the skin surface. It reaches deep into the dermis to destroy subcutaneous fat cells.

These energy waves penetrate deep, causing a thermal reaction and stimulating collagen renewal. It is an optimal non-surgical treatment for patients who look to address stubborn fat, as well as loose skin on the back, abdomen, sides, chest, thighs, hips, or upper arms. BodyTite can deliver these benefits in a single, streamlined treatment session.   

Quick, Convenient, and Painless

BodyTite is a convenient outpatient surgical procedure done under an oral sedative with general anesthesia for maximum comfort.  Dr. Dreyfuss will make a small incision in the treatment area, so small that sutures are not even necessary. He will then insert a thin probe that rests just below the skin surface. Next, he will gently move the device through the treatment areas in a continuous motion to allow the thermal energy to take effect.

This process liquifies adjacent fat cells and triggers collagen regeneration, while an external probe will generate elastin and collagen contractions. The BodyTite device provides optimal safety with sophisticated computer software that can ensure precise temperature and time controls that will give stunning results while minimizing risk.

Minimal Downtime, Lasting Results 

BodyTite delivers stellar body shaping and skin tightening results that last, much like surgical liposuction. The difference between the two is that BodyTite is non-surgical and doesn’t require extensive recovery or downtime. Most patients are back to their regular routine within a week.

Once a nominal amount of swelling subsides, you will experience tighter skin and a shapelier contour at the treatment site. For several weeks these results will continue to improve, resulting in spectacular results as the body naturally disposes of targeted fat, and the collagen regeneration process continues to unfold.

To find out what BodyTite can do for you, call 815-806-9400 at  Dr. Dreyfuss today or schedule a consultation.