A double chin, also known as submental fullness, can be one of the most frustrating facial flaws to deal with. Despite affecting such a small area, a double chin can make you look more overweight and older than you really are, as well as preventing you from having an attractively sleek and contoured chin. Until the arrival of Kybella, there were no effective alternatives for treating double chins that didn’t require incredibly invasive surgery. By targeting the very source of the problem, submental fat, Kybella is the definitive treatment for the double chin. As a nonsurgical injectable, Kybella is one of the most convenient and painless treatments for the double chin, but what makes it truly outstanding is its permanent results.

How Kybella Works

A Kybella treatment is incredibly simple, consisting of a solution that’s injected into the submental fat under the chin, the area that’s responsible for causing the double chin. Kybella is made up of a chemical called Deoxycholic Acid, a natural substance that can be found in the body as a chemical that helps with burning fat. Once this substance is injected into the submental fat, the deoxycholic acid works to burn the fat cells, killing them. The fat cells are then gradually and naturally processed and removed from the body as waste. Because Kybella destroys the fat cells, they can no longer return or build up more fat stores, making the double-chin elimination permanent. Most patients have a series of 2-4 treatments spread apart by a month, and the number of treatments will depend on a patient’s anatomy.

Kybella Procedure

Kybella is delivered using a very fine needle, so the patient experiences very little discomfort during the treatment. If needed, the treatment area can be numbed to help reduce any discomfort. Your Kybella treatments will be administered strategically to create the most effective, natural looking results. You can go home immediately after your Kybella treatment.

Kybella Recovery

Since Kybella is a nonsurgical procedure that requires no surgery or incisions, it requires no recovery after the procedure. Some patients report some swelling, redness, and soreness for up to a week after the treatment, but each side effect is only temporary.

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