The Importance of Maintaining Realistic Facelift Expectations


Advances in facelift surgery have been known to improve patients’ lives by resolving their cosmetic concerns. However, it’s crucial for the facelift candidate to have realistic expectations about the psychological and aesthetic benefits gained from the cosmetic procedure. Two important factors when you are considering a facelift are your candidature and attainable goals. With the wrong attitude and expectations, the outcome may disappoint you.

No scarring, a fantasy look, and perfect symmetry are common unrealistic outcomes which many patients stress entering the facelift process.

Finding the Right Mindset

Obviously, a facelift performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon can deliver striking results, have a positive impact on your appearance, and boost your confidence and self-esteem. Nevertheless, to assume a perfect outcome would be a great overestimation.

A perfect example is seeking a particular look which is well outside of your facial anatomy. Although improving your unique beauty and a youthful result are possible with a skilled surgeon, expectations outside your facial structure (like the look of a celebrity) does not bode well for your perception of a successful outcome. Also, because responses to surgery are different from patient to patient, expecting the results of other patients is also unwise.

Another problem occurs when patients choose facelift surgery to make them feel better about their lives. Because of some traumatic event or lack of self-regard, they believe a change in their appearance will result in a change in the way they feel about themselves. This way of thinking can be a dangerous precedent. Plastic surgery should not be confused with psychological treatment but rather a form of medicine to enhance your aesthetics, not your total mental outlook.

However, it is certain many patients attain a favorable outcome with emotional benefits. Patients who want to turn back the effects of aging are pleasantly satisfied with diminishing wrinkles and restoring facial volume. Their boost in confidence helps them in their professional and personal lives as well.

Where Lasting Results are Real

One area where a facelift does not disappoint is the permanence of its outcome. Although the procedure does not halt the aging process, it will turn the clock back about ten years in facial appearance.

Temporary treatments like Botox and Dermal Fillers are great facial rejuvenation treatments and have their place in aesthetic medicine, but the results are temporary and need additional injection treatments to sustain desired outcomes.

Fighting the Effects of Aging

Another area where a facelift can help facial aesthetics is in the fight against aging. Facial aging is inevitable, but controlling sagging skin and wrinkles is possible. So, if you are wondering what can be done to turn back the clock on your facial presence, a facelift has benefits you should consider.

However, the procedure will not make you look 18 again. Although you can expect to look a decade younger, many patients want to look like they do in their high school yearbook. This desire is not doable. The purpose of a facelift is to fight the effects of aging gracefully and add beauty and character to your aging process.

So, What Can You Expect from a Facelift?

Great Expectations is not only a novel from Charles Dickens but also a standard where facelift patients often hold their surgeon. However, reality tells us improvement is possible to the face you were born with, but cannot change it into something it is not. So, what benefits can you expect from facelift surgery?

Any patient contemplating facelift surgery should expect:

  • Fresher, tighter, and firmer facial appearance
  • A younger facial presence
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Diminishing negative effects of sun and wind exposure
  • Diminished wrinkles, lines, and creases
  • Results will be effective for up to ten years

Dr. Dreyfuss expects to deliver these benefits to you and your facial appearance – and you should expect them as well. But, if you dream of a face outside the realm of possibility or expect the procedure to change your entire life, you may not enjoy the benefits of your facelift surgery, but struggle with not achieving the goal that was unattainable.

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