How Often Should You Get a Facial, And What Kind?

After you’ve experienced an hour of pampering bliss, the warm steam, the hydrating masque, or the gentle massage, you’re leaving with a good feeling about scheduling your next treatment. It’s a time when you can focus on yourself and your facial skin, and there’s no denying your face looks fresh, clean, and radiant. You may be too excited not to book your next appointment, but it’s critical to time it just right.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cookie-cutter cycle that everyone should follow. That’s because the time between facial sessions is determined by age, environment, skin type, and cosmetic goals. While adding routine facial treatments to an anti-aging regimen should be part of everyone’s skincare plan, determining which one and how often depends on various considerations. Here are tips to consider on what facial is best suited for you and how often you should get it.

Which Facial is Right for You?

Our facials take about an hour to complete, so they are quick and convenient no matter your needs. Here is a list of facials we offer and what they address:

Anti-aging Facial

  • Addresses multiple signs of aging
  • Enzyme exfoliant to remove surface debris
  • Firming facial massage
  • Rejuvenating mask delivers proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants
  • Leaves skin vibrant, smooth, and firm

Brightening Facial

  • Deep exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cell layers for a brighter complexion
  • Brightening mask infused with vitamin C delivers illuminating benefits
  • Relaxing lavender massage leaves skin supple, bright, and glowing
  • Leaves skin radiant and dewy

Deep Cleansing Facial

  • Detoxifying facial to clear impurities from skin
  • Deep exfoliation with extractions
  • Bio-Sulfur masque loaded with antiseptic and purifying properties
  • Clarifies and eliminates impurities for clearer skin

Redness Relief Facial

  • Calming and nourishing facial
  • Replenishes skin moisture levels
  • Reduces surface redness
  • Gentle facial massage infused with soothing Roman Chamomile
  • Calming replenishing mask soothes irritated skin

How Often Should You Have a Facial?

Most skincare professionals recommend a facial once per month. This is the best timeframe because skin cell turnover happens every 28 days. Therefore, getting a medical-grade facial more than once a month could cause skin irritation.

Many MedSpas offer relaxing facials, aromatherapy, and masks as a mindful experience. They may also offer massage facials that employ many beneficial methods to increase oxygenation and circulation. As these facials don’t involve high concentrations of active ingredients, you might elect to have them more often than monthly.

However, clinical facials should not be done more often than once a month. Many clinical facials are offered in various packages. These may include oxygen therapy, LED treatments, or a few other products and treatments. After building a relationship with a trusted MedSpa, you can determine your optimal treatment regimen designed specifically for your unique needs and goals.

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