How Long Does a Facelift Last?

Just as everyone has a unique facial anatomy, appearance, and metabolism, the benefits of each facelift surgery can also vary. However, facelift patients typically look a decade younger after surgery, which is a dramatic improvement. Given the level of enhancement the operation delivers, along with the time and cost invested, it’s a given most women and men who’ve opted for a facelift would like to enjoy the fruits of the procedure for as long as possible.

Although the natural aging process can overcome the outcome of any facelift procedure, nevertheless, the rate of decline depends on multiple factors within and outside the patient’s control.

Why Facelift Results Are Not Permanent

A facelift tightens your facial skin and sometimes underlying tissues to reverse the natural sagging effect as we age. While you can enjoy your results for up to twenty years, a facelift will not permanently prevent the natural aging process from continuing.

How long your facelift results last will depend upon the facelift technique, your age, your skin’s characteristics, and your lifestyle. Skin type is based on genetics, but environmental factors like sun exposure, what you eat and drink, and your lifestyle can greatly influence your skin’s elasticity.

Here are a few factors that determine how long your facelift benefits may last:

Genetics and Skin Condition

Your genetics play a key role in maintaining your facelift surgery benefits. Typically, if your skin is darker and healthy, you’ll enjoy longer-lasting results than if your skin is fairer and damaged. Also, patients under sixty at the time of their surgery enjoy their benefits longer.

Facelift Technique

Different facelift techniques vary in their degree of invasiveness. Typically, the more invasive the process, the longer the benefits last. For example, a traditional facelift provides the most dramatic results and may last up to fifteen years after surgery. The less invasive mini facelift yields more intermediate results that typically last up to six years.

Other Procedures

Facelift surgery combined with other plastic surgeries, such as eyelid surgery, forehead lift, or neck liposuction, to enhance facial areas has a more dramatic and longer-lasting impact. An integrated approach of eliminating excess skin and adding facial volume can approach facial aging differently. Volume increases from dermal fillers can enhance overall results.


Your lifestyle, which includes your diet and exercise habits, skin care regimen, and if you drink or smoke, can significantly impact whether your results are long-lasting. If you lead a generally healthy lifestyle, you will enjoy your newfound facial improvement for a longer period.

Your Plastic Surgeon

Finally, your plastic surgeon’s skill level and experience can also affect how long facelift results can last. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Dreyfuss specializes in facelift procedures and can assess patient needs to implement specific techniques that ensure the longest-lasting results possible.

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