Does FaceTite Work? Cool Science that Makes It So Effective

Are you ready to lift and tighten the lower part of your face? Get rid of loose and sagging skin and lines around your mouth? There are a staggering number of aesthetic procedures designed to sculpt, tighten and lift the face. Some have temporary benefits while other surgical procedures like facelift offer long-term solutions. However, minimally-invasive treatments are trending in cosmetic medicine right now because they deliver astonishing results with little downtime, recovery and no risk of scarring. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Dreyfuss, is proud to provide his Chicago patients the most advanced skin tightening technology, FaceTite™, a non-surgical treatment that offers long-lasting results to loose skin, jowls and fine lines. FaceTite™ allows patients to regain youthful beauty without incisions by treating sagging skin, mouth lines and a double chin.

How Does FaceTite Work?

FaceTite™ uses a combination of radiofrequency technology and a surgical technique that is much like liposuction. A specialized handpiece is used to insert a probe into the treatment site via a cannula. While the cannula removes fluid and unwanted fat from the area, radiofrequency heat transmitted through the probe to the underlying skin tissue creates a tightening effect on the skin fibers in the dermis. This tightening effect is largely due to the heat stimulation of collagen production.

To apply this groundbreaking technology for stunning results for his patients, Dr. Dreyfuss first uses a local anesthetic for your comfort. Then he inserts the specialized cannula into the skin layers and lines its probe with a plate resting above the skin surface. This process results in contraction and tightening of the underlying facial bands that connect your skin to the underlying muscle. The fibers and tissue will shrink and tighten causing a facelift effect with no risk of scarring.

Scarless, Longlasting Results

FaceTite delivers immediate results to recontour your face, and that will continue to improve over the next 6 weeks with the building of new collagen. Although lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors all have some impact on how long FaceTite benefits endure, most patients can expect the results to last at least five years. Another advantage of FaceTite is that it uses only a tiny opening in the skin, eliminating the risk of scarring. Results are instant and long-lasting. 

To gain the best results from this revolutionary procedure, you must seek the services of a skilled physician who has extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Next Step

If you are considering non-surgical or surgical facelift procedures to tighten facial skin and eliminate fine lines and need more information, it’s best to have a consultation with a physician well-versed in aesthetics. Board-certified plastic surgeons are the most highly-trained healthcare professionals who have extensive expertise in facial anatomy to provide innovative, safe, and effective care. 

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