Could Surgical Glue Enhance Tummy Tuck Results?

Cohera Medical of Pennsylvania announced the beginning of clinical trials for their new surgical adhesive, TissuGlu®, set to begin in Germany this November.

Company reps say they’re investigating whether the safety and efficacy of cosmetic surgeries like the tummy tuck might be improved with the use of their product.  By bonding together sections of tissue separated during surgery, the adhesive could reduce post operative fluid accumulation and make drains unnecessary.

“This unique product will ultimately help surgeons address a critical need and improve patient care” says CEO Patrick Daly.

As many as 40 patients are expected to be enrolled in clinical trials to investigate TissuGlu’s  safety and efficacy.

About abdominoplasty

The tummy tuck is a common cosmetic procedure designed to reduce the appearance of a protruding abdomen, whether it is due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or aging.  To learn more about how the Plastic Surgery Expert – Dr. David Dreyfuss – performs a tummy tuck surgery in Chicago, click here.