CoolSculpting®: How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Since its introduction, CoolSculpting® has helped thousands of people finally eliminate stubborn fat deposits. CoolSculpting® exposes excess fat in certain areas to freezing temperatures, which destroy the unwanted fat cells. Then, the body naturally flushes these dead cells away, leaving the target area with an improved contour.

A question many patients ask is “How many sessions will I need?” The answer is different from patient to patient. Some patients require multiple treatments before attaining their desired results while other patients find one treatment is sufficient.

Target Areas

One factor which determines the number of treatment sessions is the number of target areas needing fat reduction. The CoolSculpting® applicators connect to the skin and isolate excess fat using suction. Each applicator is designated for specific body areas like the chin and upper arm, or bigger areas like the thighs and abdomen.

When treatment targets multiple areas the procedure will take additional time and in some cases multiple treatment sessions. For example for patients who wish to improve the contours of the thighs and abdomen, they may wish to break up the treatment into two different sessions, one for each target area.

How Many Treatment Sessions for Each Area?

Treatment results vary from patient to patient, so your initial CoolSculpting® outcome will determine how many treatment sessions are necessary for your desired results. The CoolSculpting® process can reduce fat by up to 25%. We can add more sessions if greater improvement is necessary.

Because results vary, it’s difficult to determine how many treatment sessions you may need. The best course of action is to take is a wait and see approach and schedule additional sessions when necessary to attain the desired outcome.

Results Are Not Immediate

CoolSculpting® results will be obvious once your body expels the dead fat cells. Therefore, your outcome is not immediate and will take between three and four months before you will realize the full results. Your body metabolizes fat cells and then flushes them away, with some patient’s body doing this rather quickly. Other patients may take more time.

Once your body contour stops improving, at about three to four months, you should schedule a follow-up visit. If you are satisfied with the current results, no additional treatment is necessary, but if you would like more improvement, you can schedule an additional session if practical.

What to Consider Before Coolsculpting®

CoolSculpting® is a body contouring treatment, not a weight loss procedure. It is for patients who are close to their ideal weight but are dealing with stubborn fat bulges in certain areas like the abdomen or upper arm. Because the treatment can reduce the excess fat by up to 25%, this reduction will not be significant for obese patients.

We recommend all of our patients be at a healthy weight before considering CoolSculpting®. Think of CoolSculpting® as the finishing touch rather than a starting point in body contouring, with diet and exercise being the initial regimen to attain the body you desire. Our first concern at Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery is to ensure your safety and health before attaining your cosmetic goals.

Next Step

If you are tired of pesky fat pads, which cause bulges in all the wrong places, you should consider CoolSculpting®. This non-surgical body contouring procedure is a good complement to a healthy lifestyle of eating right and working out. For more information on CoolScultping® or other procedures we offer for your aesthetic goals, call board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Dreyfuss today.

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