Chemical Peels Are Still Great for Sun Damaged Skin!

People have called it “the ultimate acid test,”but we like to refer to it as a facial peel.  Today’s advanced peels have made the aesthetic results outstanding. Now, peels can actually tighten the skin as they peel away layers and brighten sun-damaged skin. Yes, you do need to be prepared to undergo some tingling upon application (less discomfort than waxing), outlay some money and be out of action for three days, but the results will be worth it – your skin will never look better!

Everyone will comment that you glow. Your skin will look dewy and soft, because let’s face it ladies, at age 50 your skin doesn’t look dewy without doing something! So if you’re not ready for surgery this is the best place to start by trying a safe and effective treatment under medical supervision.

To prepare for the peel and get the best results, you should begin using a range of day and night medical grade skin care products. They can stimulate collagen production and cell turnover and put some elasticity back in your skin.
Plan ahead and be ready to hunker down for three days (post-peel) with some wine, old movies, TIVO or DVR some of your favorite shows, catch up on some good books or magazines and have some great food in the fridge – be prepared not to answer the door unless you know who it is. By day five, you should be wearing makeup again and be resuming your normal activities.

At Plastic Surgery Experts we use TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and the special Obagi ‘blue peel.’ These peels work to reduce the appearance of facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.  Call us for more information.