What Every Girl in Her 20s Needs to Know About Breast Surgery

It seems like there’s no time like your 20s to undergo breast surgery; you’re young, you’re in the best shape of your life, and you’ve got your entire life ahead of you—but not so fast. Even in your 20s, there are quite a few things you should think about before you jump headfirst into breast surgery. That’s why for the first installment of our series on breast surgery, we’re going to explore the top 5 things any woman in their 20s should know about breast augmentation.

You Need to Grow Up to Glow Up

U.S. laws dictate that patients be 18 and older to receive saline breast implants and 22 and older to receive silicone implants, but surgeons also recommend that women only undergo breast surgery once their breasts have fully matured.

It makes perfect sense that patients are required to be of a certain age before they can get breast surgery. Logistically speaking, it’s ill-advised to get any kind of breast surgery when a woman’s figure is still maturing. As the breast continues to mature, breast tissue grows in size and the breasts change shape, so undergoing any kind of breast surgery means your results will be affected.

So, when do women typically reach full maturation? That’s a question that’s a little harder to answer. Women all mature differently; some women have stopped maturing in their teens, while some women continue to see changes throughout their 20s.

There’s another important criterion that patients need to consider before undergoing breast surgery: their emotional maturity. Patients should be self-aware and conscious about their motivations for undergoing breast surgery. Are you doing it to correct a deformity? To feel more sexy and confident? Either way, patients need to have a healthy mental state and realistic expectations for what breast surgery can do for them before undergoing the procedure.

You Can Go Small

Who said breast surgery is all about enhancement? One of the most common kinds of breast surgery is breast reduction, a procedure that helps women achieve more reasonably-sized breasts. Overly-large breasts can actually cause a bevy of health problems for women: back pain, shoulder pain, rashes, numbness, shortness of breath, and even headaches. When women in their teens and twenties decide that they don’t want to live the rest of their life in discomfort, breast reduction is an effective and safe procedure. In fact, in 2016, over 36,148 breast reduction procedures were performed in the U.S.

A Lift Isn’t Out of the Question

Breast lifts are usually marketed to older women—mostly because it’s seen as a remedy to breasts affected by breastfeeding, motherhood, and aging. But really, adult women of any age can get a breast lift. In fact, one of the leading causes of sagging breasts are overly heavy breasts, and women as young as their teens can suffer from sagging breasts. Once again, women need do need to have matured fully physically before they can get a breast lift, but it’s crucial to know that the breast lift isn’t merely reserved for women that want powerful rejuvenation.

It’s Not All “Go Big or Go Home”

When millennials aren’t busy posting selfies on Instagram or being blamed for the state of economy, they’re apparently choosing to get smaller-sized breast implants: plastic surgeons everywhere have noted a trend where younger patients are choosing smaller implants than the Gen-Xers and Boomers before them. According to some surgeons, women in their 20s are increasingly requesting a more natural, subtle look, rather than the dramatic, larger implants of yesteryear. Women today are also more athletically and career-minded, so many patients in their 20s like the versatility that more modest implants allow in their life.

Make Sure It Fits Your Lifestyle

Forget about how it’ll look (although it’s crucial that you love the way you look after breast surgery)—one of the most important considerations of any kind of breast surgery is whether it’ll fit well with an active lifestyle. Larger implants will get in the way of any kind of strenuous activity, so many patients choose reasonably-sized implants to make sure they can move more freely and not get weighed down. That “Goldilocks”-sized implant will vary from patient to patient, but a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon can help you figure it out.

So, if you’re in your 20s and you’d love to keep being in the best shape of your life, consider getting relatively smaller implants that won’t get in the way of your yoga or pilates set.

You’ve got so much to look forward to in your 20s—and now, you can also have a figure you can be proud and confident in. The last thing you need to do before committing to breast surgery is to schedule your consultation with a true expert in breast surgery: Dr. Dreyfuss. Contact Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery now, for a consultation.