Breast Lift and Implants: Is This Two-Part Procedure for Me?

Aging and breastfeeding can take a toll on the appearance of breasts. Women often endure sagging, flattening, or loss of volume in the breasts, leading to a drop in self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, there are now powerful procedures that can help counter the effects of aging on the breasts. With the help of Dr. Dreyfuss, the combination of breast lift and breast implants can help reposition the breasts, reshape the breasts, and restore volume and fullness.

Why Choose a Breast Lift?

The breast lift is a great procedure for rejuvenating breasts that have been affected by aging. A breast lift can bring back the perkiness of the breasts by removing excess skin, reshaping the breasts by rearranging breast tissue, and even repositioning the nipples. Dr. Dreyfuss specializes in the breast lift and has helped countless women restore their breasts to a more youthful state.

Why Get Implants?

Breast implants come in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Because of their wide variety, implants allow the breast augmentation to be fully customizable for each patient’s unique needs. Breast implants are inserted into the breast to enhance its volume and shape, but many also act and feel like natural tissue.

Why Combine Both?

Various factors like aging, weight loss, and genetics can lead to flattened, sagging breasts. Pregnancy can also have drastic effects on the breasts: lactation may cause the breasts to increase in volume, but after breastfeeding, the breast tissue will shrink causing the breasts to droop and lose volume. A breast lift can reposition these breasts, but it won’t be able to restore volume.

All these concerns can be addressed by a two-step breast procedure like the combined breast lift and breast augmentation. A breast lift can bring back the perkiness of the breasts, while breast implants can add volume and reshape the breasts.

Benefits of Implants and Breast Lift

A combined breast lift and implants can:

  • Address multiple concerns with one procedure
  • Consolidate the recovery period
  • Offer rejuvenation and enhancement

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Combining the breast lift and breast implants can bring major enhancement for women who need breast rejuvenation and breast enhancement. Dr. Dreyfuss will help you decide if this two-step procedure is right for you. To begin the ultimate procedure for breast enhancement, contact Dreyfuss Plastic Surgery for a consultation.