3 Body Contouring Procedures to Transform Your Shape Before Summer

When summer calls for shorts, bathing suits, and fewer layers, we want to look our best to walk along the beach or around the swimming pool. If you are feeling a tad self-conscious about specific fat bulges you’ve accumulated in certain areas, it may put a damper on your summer fun.

But there’s good news. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Dreyfuss offers safe and effective body shaping procedures to diminish abdominal fat, deliver sleeker thighs, and eliminate those love handles nobody loves. He provides both surgical and non-surgical options at his practice to help you prepare your figure for warm-weather fun.

Here are three body sculpting procedures that will help you get your physique ready in time for sunshine and summer clothes.


The most popular cosmetic surgery worldwide is liposuction. The reasons are simple: It is well-tested with millions of patients over three decades, it is effective with optimal results, and it is a safe and minimally invasive surgical option goes.

If localized fat deposits around the waist, abdomen, thighs, hips, or arms bother you, this tried-and-true procedure can help. The best candidates are at their ideal weight and struggle with bulges in stubborn areas that prevent them from achieving their dream body for summer. Liposuction can remove this excess fat and help you reshape your body and create that slimmer body outline.

Tummy Tuck

Both men and women seem to have a familiar trouble spot when it comes to excess fat. The abdomen is a collection point of stubborn fat cells, no matter the gender. Abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck, eliminates pesky fat cells and reinforces the abdominal wall. This procedure is popular with women who want to reverse the effects of pregnancy or patients who have dealt with significant weight loss.


Many men and women either can’t have surgery or choose against it. It’s why non-surgical cosmetic procedures are trending, and CoolSculpting is at the forefront for body shaping. Using fat freezing technology that eliminates stubborn fat bulges by destroying fat cells gives the patient a sleeker figure with little discomfort and no downtime.

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Chicago patients are learning the importance of seeking a qualified plastic surgeon for their cosmetic needs. Dr. Dreyfuss offers multiple aesthetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, that help men and women look their best. If you wish to shape your body or enhance your facial beauty, we can help. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dreyfuss today and learn how we can make you look your best for summer fun.