TruSculpt Flex or Brazilian Butt Lift: Who Should Get Which and When?

When comparing body contouring procedures, we tend to think more about the results rather than the process. When you take into consideration the importance of a well-defined feminine backside, women should recognize what is necessary to give them the definition they seek to enhance their figure and sensuality. There are two distinct and effective procedures that redefine the buttocks for patients in the Chicago area. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Dreyfuss offers both, allowing patients to determine which one that suits them best—TruSculpt Flex or Brazilian Butt Lift. 

TruSculpt Flex

This non-surgical option uses electric impulses to tone and define muscle mass for a firmer and more defined contour. What it doesn’t do is reposition underlying fat tissue from a donor site to increase volume, but rather it conditions existing muscle to a more lean and sleek shape and firmness. Men or women who seek this treatment are those who are healthy and fit. They are committed to a disciplined workout regimen and pay close attention to what foods they eat. 

Even with a healthy lifestyle, some of us find that our exercise and diet routines have little impact on certain parts of their body, including the derriere. When this is the case, we may want to add firmness and definition by improving muscle mass, much as we may do with other body parts in the gym. 

Brazilian Butt Lift

This surgical solution uses liposuction to extract healthy fat tissue, process it, and inject it to the upper area of the buttocks to sculpt a sensual, feminine behind. The procedure is for individuals who have lost significant weight or volume after pregnancy and want to recreate the contour of their rear end closer to the one they had when they were younger. 

The procedure involves small incisions to remove the fat from the areas that have sufficient fat to donate to the target site. Once the fat is purified in a special centrifuge, it is injected artfully and precisely into the buttocks to lift a drooping rear into a sexy, curvy behind.

Patients who choose the Brazilian Butt lift may or may not have an exercise routine in place, but they all share a common desire for a plumper, rounder rear end. 

How To Choose What’s Best

Because each patient is different in body type and personal lifestyle, it best to get a professional opinion as to which procedure will give you the outcomes that will align with your personal goals. You can get help with this decision by scheduling a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Dreyfuss in Orland Park. He will assess your body and get to know your aesthetic goals. He will also listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have about the procedures. After a thorough physical exam and through careful consideration of your goals and lifestyle, he will develop your customized treatment plan.

If you are considering a Brazilian butt lift, truSculpt Flex, or any other aesthetic procedure in Connecticut, schedule a consultation with us today.