Planning for a Brazilian butt lift is easy, but recovery is a different story. If you expect to feel the same way immediately after surgery as you did before, you’re in for a surprise. As with any surgery, you will have some discomfort, swelling, and maybe bruising, but with this procedure, it’s on the part of your anatomy where you sit. With patience and proper aftercare, you’ll feel like yourself in no time. As a guide on what to expect, here’s how your early days of recovery should play out.

Initial Recovery

Directly after the procedure, you can expect some bruising and swelling in the donor sites where Dr. Dreyfuss extracted the fat. You can manage discomfort with oral medication, though you must switch to Tylenol from opioids before driving. Recovery varies from patient to patient, but you should be up and walking a day or two after surgery. There may be some excess fluid draining from the incisions. Don’t be alarmed if there is blood in this fluid; it’s normal. This draining will cease in a few days.

Compression Garment

After surgery, Dr. Dreyfuss will have you in a compression garment to support the areas where he performed liposuction. He recommends you wear the garment for about eight weeks to safeguard areas where he harvested fat, so they heal correctly. The garment will also help minimize swelling, increase comfort, and help the skin retract.


No “Butts” About It

A critical recovery tip regarding a Brazilian butt lift is you don’t sit on your buttocks for at least eight weeks. We advise you to sleep on your stomach or side, and when you must sit, use a doughnut-shaped pillow or inflatable cushion. Placing a pillow behind your legs helps avoid putting pressure on incisions and grafts by lifting the buttocks. These practices are critical to achieving long-lasting results. Sitting directly on the buttocks may affect blood circulation in the treated areas. 

A reduction in blood circulation may destroy the fat cells transferred to the buttocks. However, you should note that up to 40% of the grafted fat may not survive, regardless of how well you have followed your post-operative instructions. After eight weeks of recovery, it is vital to use a cushion when seated for prolonged periods.

Resuming Activities

You should avoid high-impact activities after surgery, especially ones that cause you to jump or run. You may resume light activities like fast-paced walking after one month. If you respond well during recovery, you should be able to return to normal activities after eight weeks. 

Once fat cells have stabilized, you can resume strenuous activities like running or jogging. It’s crucial to follow your post-surgery instructions after your operation to heal well and enjoy your results.

Ready to Get Started?

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