Cutera Limelight is a very sophisticated form of Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. Typical improvements with IPL are subtle, but in many cases that is all the patient needs to return to a state of healthy, glowing skin. Sun exposure and aging can cause discoloration and broken capillaries, causing the skin to appear older or somewhat dull.

Limelight serves as a very effective means of correcting conditions of this type, and the precise tuning options incorporated into the device make it superior to other IPL offerings.


Limelight (and other IPL treatments) focuses light energy below the skin surface to eliminate blood vessels or melanin. Before and during treatment, we can adjust the spectral output and wavelength of the device to match a particular skin type or treat a certain level of skin damage.

When the procedure is finished, natural mechanisms of the body repair the damaged tissue, revealing smoother skin and a more attractive complexion. This is effective when applied to the face, or to other areas of the body that exhibit skin imperfections.

Patients that benefit from Limelight exhibit the following:

  • Uneven skin tone or unwanted red/brown pigmentation
  • Small blood vessels, broken capillaries, or vascular lesions that are visible on the skin
  • Minor imperfections or abnormalities of the skin texture

Recovery and Results

Immediately following the procedure, the treated area may be red and swollen. Many patients report that it is similar to sunburn. Within a few days, redness in the skin fades but brown complexion often darkens temporarily, before peeling off. Peeling should be complete within two weeks and then positive results can be seen. For some patients, small untreated patches of skin remain visible. In such cases, multiple treatments are recommended.

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