Last week, the Food & Drug Administration granted clearance to Medicis Pharmaceutical for their new wrinkle reducer, Dysport. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists may have the drug available for cosmetic use in just 30 – 60 days.

Dysport will compete with Botox, as both drugs perform the same basic function – neuromuscular blocking to relax and prevent wrinkles. Dysport however, is said to be more diluted than Botox and thus more cost effective for providers. The recent FDA approval of dysport also came with a unique warning label describing the risks associated with the botulinum toxin.

Rather than rebranding the drug ‘Reloxin’ as planned, Medicis decided to retain its original European name, Dysport

The April 30th announcement coincided with a 3 percent drop in Allergan’s (maker of Botox) shares, and a 14 percent increase of Medicis’ shares. Analysts and industry professionals expect Dysport to carry a slightly lower price tag than Botox, and say it could capture as much as 30 percent of the current market.

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Japanese physicians using Cutera Lasers have been having significant success with patients who suffer from Melasma and Keloid scarring.

Laser Genesis is a non-contact laser treatment which targets and treats multiple layers of the dermis while promoting hyperplasia of collagen. Laser Genesis is effective at reducing pore size, improving skin texture and improving elasticity. Genesis also heats and shrinks the micro-blood vessels of the papillary dermis which reduces and improves erythema.

The following are patient profiles from an expert physician in Japan.  These are cases in which the physician experienced successful treatment of melasma through use of the Laser Genesis therapy.


The first patient was an Asian female with a long history of Melasma, which was first treated with 4 percent Hydroquinone and 0.1 percent Tretinoin.  An allergic reaction prompted a withdrawal of that treatment.  Tranexamic acid was then tried, which saw positive results, but they couldn’t be sustained – the symptoms “rebounded after therapy was suspended.”  So therapy with the Tranexamic acid was continued for 6 months, then Laser Genesis was introduced in between treatments.  Treatment with laser genesis allowed suspension of the tranexamic acid therapy and it prevented the reoccurrence of Melasma.

The second patient was also an Asian female who was receiving treatment with 0.1 percent Tretinoin, 4 percent Hydroquinone, and Laser Genesis therapy.  Over the course of 3 months, the patient saw significant improvements in her melasma symptoms – improved pigmentation, reduced redness and reduced inflammation.  The combination of topical treatment and Laser Genesis proved successful.

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